where to buy a kilt

Where to buy a kilt? How To Find The Perfect Kilt Outfit?

Do you know that highland dress is a popular choice of outfit for ceremonies and occasions in Scotland? Do you know non-scots also wear it at weddings, graduations, and other events? Well,  it can be a confusing process to choose a kilt and accessories to wear with it, especially when you don’t know where to buy a kilt from. To give you a hand, here is an ultimate guide about how you can find the perfect kilt outfit and which the [...]

Sport Kilt

Get A Sport Kilt For The maximum Comfort At Formal Occasions

Are you looking for something unique to wear? What can be better than wearing a kilt? If you are looking for a kilt to be worn at some formal occasion such as highland games then wearing a sport kilt is indeed a great idea. Do you know what a kilt is? You might have seen Scottish people wearing skirt-like garments made from different tartans. These are not actually the skirts and make sure you never say it in front of [...]

Kilts In USA

Be Proud Of Your Celtic Heritage And Wear Kilts In USA

Do you know that kilts are part of national dress for men in the highlands of Scotland? If you belong to Scotland, then you definitely know that it is a way to showcase pride for the Celtic culture in Scotland and Ireland. Wearing kilts in Scotland and Ireland is common, but have you ever seen anyone wearing kilts in the USA. In America, you can pretty much wear what you want to. So, wearing a traditional highland dress in the [...]

great kilt

Show Off Your Celtic Pride By Wearing The Great Kilt

Do you want to show off your Celtic pride in a modern way? What can be better than wearing a great kilt? Well, it is hard to beat the traditional belted plaid. The history of the highland dress stretched back to the end of the 16th century. It was for the first time when people started wearing the upper half of a full-length garment as a cloak. The kilt, also known as the small kilt, which is common nowadays, [...]

Do Irish wear kilts

What Is A Kilt And Do Irish Wear Kilts?

What comes to your mind when you think about Irish civilian attire? Probably the kilts! Do Irish wear kilts, and how it became the part of Irish culture? A kilt is a garment resembling a knee-length skirt that has pleats at the back. It is the national garb from Scotland and is associated with the Scottish and Irish heritage for centuries. But what most people don’t know is that the Irish kilts do not have the ancient pedigree. Evidence suggests [...]

Custom Kilts

Can Non-Scots Wear Custom Kilts? The Detailed Answer

Kilts are men’s unbifurcated garments that are linked to Scottish and Irish heritage. Don’t get confused as they are certainly not skirts. Kilts have a long tradition as a part of Celtic culture and are still worn in many parts of the world. For Irish and Scottish people wearing custom kilts is a way to show off pride for their Celtic heritage. In fact, this exotic garment is the national costume of Scotland. Scots wear kilts with pride as it is a [...]

Buy Kilt For Sale Online

Reasons You Should Buy Kilt For Sale Online

Can a non-Scot wear a kilt? Renting a kilt is fine, or should I buy it? What is the best place to purchase kilt for sale online? All these questions pop up in mind when you are about to wear the highland dress for the first time. Do you know wearing a kilt is more than just getting dressed on a given day? Scottish people are quite unrelenting about wearing kilts. It wouldn’t wrong saying that it is more than just wearing [...]

mens kilts

Mens Kilts; The Groom’s Choice For The Big Day

Your big day is fast approaching, and you are already in the process of planning your big day. A wedding is indeed a special day in everyone’s life. As a matter of fact, it is the occasion where you need to get everything right. Is wearing men's kilts on your special day a good idea? Picking the right kilt outfit for your wedding can be difficult. Should I even wear a kilt at my wedding? What doublet should I wear with [...]

Kilts of Scotland

Kilts Of Scotland; The Sought-After Fashion Item Globally

You might have seen men wearing kilts. You might have heard jokes about what Scots wear under kilts. But do you know that kilts of Scotland are known as the country’s national garb? It is a highly recognized form of dress throughout the world. As a matter of fact, nothing matches the Scottish kilts when it comes to the national costume. Whenever you think about Scotland, the first thing that pops up in mind is the highland dress. It is a historical [...]

Wedding kilts for men to glorify their best day

Wedding Kilts; The Perfect Outfit For Your Big Day

Wedding kilts are perfect to wear at the charming celebration of your wedding. Your wedding dress serves as a reminder of your special day. A wedding is the day of your dreams when you tie the knots with your better half. When you envisage a marriage, it is the dress that takes center stage, and couples spend a lot of time and money finding their perfect wedding dress. The day of your dreams (wedding) is drawing near, and you want to wear [...]