What do the Scots wear under their kilts?

What do the Scots wear under their kilts?

Kilts have been in fashion for centuries, and the people who are linked with the Celtic heritage seem to love it.  Most people who are interested when it comes to kilt keep scratching their heads for what do the Scots wear under their kilts. Read the content along and learn the exciting fact about kilts that you don’t know.

Where did the kilt originate?

It is always essential to know the back story of the kilt and the origination of this unique piece of kilts. The history of kilt goes as far as the 16th century. The people of highland invented the kilt due to the harsh and damp weather conditions of the region. With trousers, marching gets uneasy for the highlander so, kilts came into existence. The old Scottish people used to wrap the kilts around on their shoulders too. Its coarse and thick cloth makes it favorable for harsh weather as it acts like a shawl also.

Two kinds of kilts are quoted in the history, i.e. the great kilt and the walking kilt. The excellent kilt, for example, was ankle length and was also worn as a cloak by the highlanders. Walking kilt, on the other hand, was smaller in size and area as well. In the 19th century, the kilt was adopted by the British army. Walking kilt is worn to this day and not just that, the kilt has also gotten advanced over time.

What do the Scotts man in kilt wear under their dress?

Now the most awaited question; what do the scots wear under the kilt. You know as the saying goes ‘a true scot wear nothing under the kilt’ most Scottish men do not wear anything beneath the kilt. You might think that going commando is not a good option seeing the fact that kilts are smaller in size, but it is fair to say they have their reasons. For example, kilts do not reveal the pelvic region at all due to the pleats and thick piece of clothing. An average kilt has 74 yards of tailored fabric that is well draped and fitted on the body. Due to the thickness of the cloth, if a Scott wears underwear beneath the kilt, it could get scorching, sweaty, and unmanageable.

Now, things have entirely changed ad kilts, and the kilt designer has gone for a more minimalistic approach towards the clothing. The kilts are not as big as they used to be, so, some people prefer wearing boxers or underwear under the kilt as they are not used to going commando with the kilt.

Final Words

What do the scots wear under their kilt is the question most curious people ask when seeing someone wearing the kilt in its right manner. Most Scottish men, especially with the conservative mindset, go solo with kilts whereas the young generation prefers wearing underwear beneath it.

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