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Show Off Your Celtic Pride By Wearing The Great Kilt

Do you want to show off your Celtic pride in a modern way? What can be better than wearing a great kilt? Well, it is hard to beat the traditional belted plaid. The history of the highland dress stretched back to the end of the 16th century. It was for the first time when people started wearing the upper half of a full-length garment as a cloak. The kilt, also known as the small kilt, which is common nowadays, was developed in the 17th century.

History of the great kilt:

The kilt is the national dress of Scotland, and everyone knows that they wear it to show off their pride for their Celtic culture. But there was no concept of small kilts at that time.

The Highland soldiers first wore the traditional kilts or the great kilts. It is the more traditional type of kilt that was worn only on wars and special events. It is also known as breacan an fheilidh.

It was made from high-quality wool gathered from the sheep. It used to take a whole year to complete this kilt as there were no modern machines available, and the weaver had to everything manually. But the popularity of the great kilts came to an end in the year 1746. You would be astonished to know that the government banned every type of kilt. According to the Dress act 1746, wearing the highland dress was illegal.

After the act came into force, the kilts were no longer the ordinary highland wear. It was allowed to be worn in the army only. But in the year 1782, the law was repealed, and tartans became common again.

How to wear the great kilt?

The kilts have been worn for centuries. Be it the breacan an fheilidh or the small kilt; it looks great only when made from high-quality materials. It is interesting to know that there is no difference in the quality of materials, and the great kilts are still made from high-quality wool.

How to wrap this amazing highland dress around the body? Wearing the traditional/ breacan an fheilidh is not that difficult. If you are a true scot, then you probably know that the whole kilt is wrapped around the body, and one part is draped over the shoulder. Here is a three-step process that can make wearing the traditional kilt easier:

  • Choose your tartan:

The first thing you have to do is to choose your tartan. Since each tartan represents a clan, make sure that you wear your family tartan. However, if you do not have any connections with Scottish or Celtic culture, then you should pick a universal tartan to wear.

  • Pleat the tartan:

Once you have chosen your tartan, the next step is pleating the kilt. Spread the full length of the tartan on the fold. Then start pleating the tartan from the center using your hands. Leave the part that you would drape over the shoulder. There is no rocket science involved in pleating the kilt. All you have to do is to pleat it in the center and leave a part to wear as a cloak.

  • The belt for fastening:

A belt is used for fastening the cloth. It will make sure that the kilt does not loose or open. Fold the unpleated sides and slide the belt under the cloth. Then fold the right unpleated side over your body. Don’t worry if pleats pull out in the process. After that, you have to fold the left end of the tartan cloth over the front. Then fasten the belt. Adjust the belt according to your waist size, and you are ready to rock your outlander great kilt.

If you are wearing it for the first time, then you may feel a little uncomfortable. Later you would realize that it is a super comfortable garment to wear. You should rehearse a little before wearing it at special events. It is suggested to wear something under a kilt. Do not believe in those who say Scots wear nothing under their kilts. It is only a myth for how they cannot wear anything beneath their kilts in chilling weather.

Is wearing accessories with a kilt is necessary?

Now you know that the first kilts were breacan an fheilidh. Then little kilts appeared on the scene, and now most people wear these kilts on special traditional occasions. These kilts are available in many styles and designs nowadays. It is not necessary to wear accessories with a kilt. But if you are going to some formal occasion and you want to look stunning, then you should wear complete kilt accessories. Purchasing a kilt online makes it easy to buy accessories too.

When you wear a walking kilt or small kilt at a formal occasion, then wearing a nice pair of brogues, kilt hose, and sporran would complement your look. Similarly, the great kilts give a purely traditional and formal look when you wear a `sporran with it and pin your crest onto the tartan.

It is interesting to know that it was a tradition in Scottish culture to fasten the crest of the accepting family on the spouse’s tartan. In fact, it symbolizes the acceptance by the members of the family.

In short, wearing kilt accessories is not mandatory for wearing a kilt is not a political act anymore. However, to get a more formal and traditional look, you can wear complete kilt accessories.


Kilts are an important part of Scottish culture. It is still worn with pride and honor by Scots. Guess what the best part is it is also worn by non-scots. Many people who do not belong to Scotland wear it on special occasions. If you are one of them, then make sure you wear it with respect. Scottish and Irish great kilts both look decent when you wear them. So, what are you waiting for? If you want a pure traditional look at your friend’s wedding, then nothing is better than wearing a kilt.

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