How to Rock A Kilt While Preserving Your Modesty

Kilt- With pleats at the back, a type of knee-length non-bifurcated skirt has been worn since the 16th century.

You might have seen Scottish males wearing a cloth that looks like a skirt with tartan patterns. You wondered why the hell a man is wearing a skirt. Just say that word to a Scottish man and get ready to be punched right in the face. I am not kidding.

The kilt is not a “SKIRT.” It is a traditional outfit/dress of Gaelic males in the Scottish Highlands. Men in Scotland wear Kilts to formal events, particularly ceilidhs, weddings, dances, and graduation.

Scottish kilts

Wearing kilt is a tradition that modern-day Scots are proud of.

History of the Kilt:

There is a lingering perception that the kilt has been a part of Scottish culture since forever. No, it has not. Though kilt has been worn by many celebrities such as Sir Sean Connery, it was not a part of Scottish culture before the 16th century. However, it has become a symbol of Scotland now, and the Scotts proudly wear this garment on formal occasions and sometimes less formally as well.

It was the end of the 17th century when the first Kilt was introduced as the belted plaid also called the great kilt. It was a full-length cloth/garment and the Scottish men used to wear the upper half of it as a cloak.

Scots used to Drape the cloak over the shoulder or wear it over their heads like a hood. The modern kilt, which is essentially the bottom half of the great kilt/ belted plaid, was developed in the 17th or 18th century.

Kilt for Men:

Kilts look so manly. Men feel fantastic on kilts. It is a really flexible outfit, and men wear it instead of a suit at formal occasions such as weddings and dances, etc. Men wear kilts on rugby matches, at New Year Eve, Robert Burn’s night and many other typical occasions. Be it a traditional occasion or a modern party, Scottish men rock the kilt.

We design modern kilts keeping the modern trends and styles in mind. Choose a kilt of your choice and length to look distinctive in any particular party or event.

  • Utility Kilts:

Utility kilts are designed and tailored in a way that wearing a kilt could make you more efficient and comfortable. Our best utility kilts are perfect for rough and tough guys. We make these kilts with a modern touch for active men.

  • Tartan Kilts:

Name a few iconic things about Scotland and tartan will be one of them. Tartan Kilts became the fashion symbol of Scotland and the Scottish culture. The fabric in a tartan kilt is made up of vertical and horizontal stripes on a colored background in different colors. Buy our tartan kilts that are available at a fair price.

  • Denim Kilts:

Denim is universally recognized as one of the most versatile fabrics. Purchase our denim kilts at the lowest price and high quality. We take the appeal and comfort of a denim kilt to the next level. We make denim kilts for rough and tough guys who don’t want to mess up with the kilts while performing their job.

  • Camouflage Kilts:

Hunting or military comes into mind when you talk about the camouflage kilts. These kilts have been used by the hunters for so many years. Camo kilts are made with high quality printed cloth material for highland games. We have added a wide range of camouflage kilts for men that are available at a reasonable price.

  • Hybrid kilts:

When it becomes difficult to decide between a utility kilt and a tartan kilt, then the wearer should choose hybrid kilt. Whether you want a simple kilt or want something striking, then choose our hybrid kilts. Browse our collection and order the best hybrid kilt of your style and choice at a fair price.

  • Gothic Kilts:

To make an alive Gothic soul, Gothic Kilts are made up of studs, rings, and high-quality fabric. Choose a standard look of a black kilt or change it by getting a kilt in a different color. We have the best gothic kilts available in any color to suit your taste. Get a perfect size that fits your waist and is stylish.

  • Leather kilts:

Leather has its own personality. It has the ability to change a dab outfit into an eye-catching one. When it comes to leather kilts, you can pick the style you prefer. Be it a kilt adorned with buckles and chains for a more industrial look or a simpler leather kit for everyday use it will definitely shake up your look.

kilts for men

Kilts for women:

Who says that women are not allowed to wear this adorable garment? The women in Scotland gradually started wearing kilts to claim their place in representing their country through dress. It was the 19th century when women in Scotland used to wear a long tartan skirt as their dancing costume.

Though kilt was a manly dress in Scotland now, it is not reserved for only men anymore. We have the best kilts for women to let them feel comfortable and classy at the same time.

  • We provide the best Utility kilts for women to perform their duties comfortably.
  • Our camo kilts for women help them make their fashion statement.
  • Leather kilts are those who want to look cool and classy. Wear Tartan kilts if you want to get a more traditional Scottish look.

Wear a kilt the way you want to.

Kilt Jackets:

From traditional to modern, we are providing a wide range of kilt jackets to complement your outfit. Please note that we want our customers to pick the right sized jacket for them so you may have to wait for the delivery to reach your doorstep. We have the following types of kilt jackets for sale:

  • Argyle Kilt Jackets:

Perfect to be worn on both evening and morning functions Argyle Kilt Jacket gives you a modern tough even though it is a traditional jacket. Available in different colors and styles, it compliments your outfit.

  • Custom Made Military Doublet:

Step up your formal kilt jacket to something bolder and buy our custom made military doublet. We at Scottish Kilt Collection have a variety of styles and colors to let you pick the one that best suits your style.

  • Prince Charlie jacket:

Perfect for the black tie event prince Charlie jacket is decorated with chrome buttons. Wear it at office parties, weddings, formal conventions, or reunions it will let you make a fashion statement. Browse our collection and pick the piece that you like.

  • Tweed Kilt Jackets:

The finest quality tweed kilt jackets are available at our shop. These jackets are the best for semi-formal day wear. Our best Tweed kilt jackets not only look adorable but also make you feel comfortable. Want something different in affordable quality then look no further. We have some of the best tweed kilt jackets.

Tips for wearing a kilt for the first time:

The kilt is a flexible outfit that can be worn both formally and informally. It is the best replacement for a tie and black suit at weddings. You might have heard the phrase “true Scots.” It refers to the men who wear nothing beneath kilts. Well, it seems a myth as it is highly impractical to wear nothing under a kilt in cold weather.

  • If you are going to wear a kilt for the first time then don’t forget to wear something under it. Here are given the tips that will surely make your first experience of wearing a kilt even more amazing:
  • When you wear a kilt for the first time, then it is better to do a rehearsal. Sit, stand, and walk to make yourself comfortable with this adorable garment. Rehearse getting in and out of the car as well to avoid embarrassment.
  • Make sure that the pleats are flat. You can sweep your hand over the back of the tilt after standing up to ensure that pleats of the kilt are flat.
  • When you sit, do not forget to make sure that the front of the garment falls between your legs.
  • Make sure that you wear an ironed shirt with your kilt.

Remember it is not just a piece of clothing you are going to wear. It is the symbol of a nation. Bear in mind that it is a sacred consume for someone.

Tips for wearing a kilt for the first time

Interesting facts about kilts:

For some people, a kilt is maybe just a piece of cloth people wear. As a matter of fact, Kilt is something more than that. There are a few myths surrounding this adorable garment. Let’s have a look at the facts about kilts to fine tune your knowledge:

Fact 1:

Braveheart is the movie that showed that kilts are being used since the 13th century. It is completely wrong.  The fact is that the kilts are a fairly new cultural item that was first worn after the 16th century.

Fact 2:

There is another myth about kilts that only the bagpipe players and royal guards can wear it. Well, it is not true. Everyone can wear it at any time. Be it a wedding, or a simple office party no one can stop you from wearing a kilt. Now kilts for women are also available.

Fact 3:

You will find many website selling kilts at a cheap rate. But here comes the truth. A good kilt always comes at a hefty price as it is made of expensive pure wool itself. Moreover, if the kilt is adorned with some other accessories, then it will be a bit expensive. So don’t believe someone who sells you a kilt at a cheap rate.

Fact 3:

A kilt is a fashion statement these days but let’s not forget the fact that it is a part of Scottish culture. It is worn in a tartan print that stems from family. It means that it is a way to represent a person’s culture. So, it is more than just a fashion statement:

Fact 4:

There is an inside joke in Scotland about true Scotsman. Rumors suggest that it is about the people who wear nothing under the kilt. Well, you don’t need to surprise if someone giggles after seeing a man wearing a kilt. People wear undergarments beneath their kilt, especially in chilling months.

Fact 5:

A kilt is a type of cloth that has an interesting history. Irish people say that they were the one who gave Scotland this type of clothing. English also claim that they invented this outfit. Whatever the truth is, the kilt has become an essential part of Scottish culture now.

Wear kilt without offending anyone:

You have decided to wear a kilt at a party; it seems a good decision. But make sure that you are not wearing it not for a laugh.  Wear it only if you have an interest in Scottish or Irish culture. Don’t behave inappropriately wearing a kilt in front of those who understand the value and importance of a kilt. Ask your Scottish friend about how to wear a kilt without offending someone.

Follow the basic rules of wearing a kilt. Remember you have to keep your legs closed and being modest. It was considered disrespectful to wear someone’s tartan in the past. But now things have changed. You can wear any design as long as you do not disrespect it.


It can be worn in a fancy dress party does not mean that you should not wear it in a way it is intended to.  Choose the right size for you that fit your waist. Nobody wants to become a laughing stock, so make sure you choose the right style. Browse our website and find the best kilt for you.

We have a huge collection of different kilt styles and designs that will compliment your outfit and make you look better than the others at the party. Our experts make each kilt, especially for the person who will wear it. We make sure that the tailor takes care while stitching so that it can fit perfectly to the person who is going to wear it.

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