Tweed Kilt Jackets; A Wonderful Choice For Less Formal Events And Highland Games

A kilt is, of course, the National dress of Scotland and arguably the most comfortable dress for men. It is a popular choice of outfit for highland games, weddings, proms, graduations, and ball dances, etc. not just in Scotland but all over the world.

But choosing a highland jacket can be an intimidating task sometimes. There is a number of different doublets to choose from. Highland doublets can only be worn with particular waistcoats, shirts, sporrans, and socks. Prince Charlie is one of the most formal doublets that can be worn with a kilt at black-tie events. If you are looking for something semi-formal, then Tweed Kilt Jackets are always the best choice.

Tweed kilt doublet- a much more casual jacket:

Scottish people wear the highland dress with pride and honor, of course. It showcases their Celtic culture and represents their clan. Choosing a complete kilt outfit can be a difficult process, especially when you are wearing it for the first time. You need to choose everything from the tartan to jackets and sporrans to kilt pins carefully.

A doublet has been an important part of the highland dress for centuries. You need to make sure that it goes well with the tartan when it comes to wearing a jacket with a kilt. You need to choose a doublet according to the occasion. For example, if you are going to be the best man at the wedding, then you can’t wear a utility kilt. Similarly, if you are wearing a kilt at work, you can’t wear a Prince Charlie jacket.

If you are looking for something less formal, then tweed kilt doublet is the best choice. It is a much more casual jacket and is generally preferred for outdoor daytime formal events. You can visit to take a look at our collection to choose a doublet for your highland dress.

Product description:

Tweed kilt jacket is preferred to be worn during day events so, it shorter than normal trouser jackets. These doublets are constantly increasing in popularity as they can be worn with a variety of outfits. The best part of this doublet is that it can be worn both at day and formal occasions. Wear this flexible jacket at weddings, funerals, parties, and dinners, etc. but you should not wear it at black-tie events.

Tweed jackets are decorated with buttons that are actually blended with the color of the doublet. The buttons are sewn at the front of the jacket only.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from top quality tweed cloth
  • 100% wool
  • Wonder choice for highland games and less formal events
  • A bit shorter than other formal jackets
  • Available in different colors
  • Cut for the right-traditional look
  • Decorated with the buttons on front and sleeves only

Harris Tweed kilt jacket:

You want to buy a semi-formal doublet for an upcoming event; then, Harris Tweed jacket is the right choice for you. Harris Tweed is a tweed cloth handwoven by the Islanders at their homes. It is one of the fabrics that got instant recognition. We at The Scottish kilt Collection have eye-catching tweed jackets available in different styles and sizes so that you can buy the right fit for the upcoming event. What are you waiting for? Buy this timeless, stylish, and distinctive jacket and rock your look.

Tweed Crail jacket:

It is a semi-formal evening/day jacket and is similar to the argyle jacket in most ways. It is made from top quality 3oz hundred percent pure new wool tweed cloth. There is one button on the front. There are three buttons on the pocket flaps and three on the cuffs as well. Don’t worry; these jackets look great on all shapes and sizes so, you can wear them with confidence.

Tweed jacket Scottish wear:

Highland dress looks great when you wear it with a doublet. Whenever you purchase a kilt jacket, make sure you know what is classed as formal and casual. You can wear your tweed jacket to the formal occasion, just like your prince Charlie doublet.

Lovat green tweed kilt jacket:

Lovat green kilt jacket is a nice color, isn’t it? If you are looking for something informal in olive green color, then our stock of tweed kilts is ready to buy online. It is made from 100% pure material as we do not compromise on quality. It has only one button on the front and can be worn opened or fastened as per your choice.

Tweed jacket with waistcoat:

Tweed jacket has one button at the front that means it can be worn opened or fastened. It comes with a five-button vest. Trying to find a matching waistcoat with your tweed jacket can be a difficult task. If you purchase the doublet and vest from different places, the material might not be the same, and so are the features. At Scottish Kilt Collection, tweed jackets come with a vest so that you can wear a perfectly matching highland dress.

Men’s blue tweed Scottish kilt jacket:

Blue is most men’s favorite. You want to buy a blue tweed jacket; then you are in the right place. At Scottish Kilt Collection, men’s blue tweed Scottish kilt with a waistcoat is available at a fair price. There are two internal pockets on the jacket and one at the front. There are pockets in the vest too. Cuffs and pockets are decorated with buttons. It is available in all sizes.

Tweed kilt jackets are perfect for semi-formal occasions. They are comfortable doublets available in argyle, Crail, and Braemar style. The standard collar shirt is perfect to be worn with tweed jackets. Choose the kilt accessories according to the tie and shirt you have worn with tweed jackets.