5 reasons you should wear a kilt outfit on your wedding

A wedding is the most important event in the life of a person. Outfits like kilts can add start to any wedding. In fact, heritage-rich clothing like kilts represent more than the culture; it depicts honor, pride, culture affiliation, and uniqueness. Although mostly clan-affiliated locals prefer wearing the kilt, non-Scottish people can also pull off the apparel. If that is not sufficient to convince you, here, I am going to source 5 reasons to convince you of wearing a kilt outfit on your wedding day. Keep reading and be amazed by the ways through which kilts can make a difference on your big day.

Scottish-themed weddings are fun.

Scotland is a country that is full of cultural references. From nice food to perfect-shaped clothing, there is so much this country can offer to a person. Whether you have roots in the country or not, having a Scottish-themed wedding is a great idea. The theme will enhance the harmony and ambiance of your wedding, and all of the guests will feel more comfortable and welcomed. Either you can plan the entire wedding by yourself or take professional help as many little factors altogether change a wedding to Scottish style matrimony. When it comes to kilts, it is not only meant for males. Rather, females can also wear kilts at weddings these days. In short, having a Scottish-themed wedding will make your big day welcoming, romantic, and a big success.

Kilts are the most comfortable attire.

Have you ever tried a kilt before? The attire is very comfortable and gives you an edge you have dreamed of. The tartan fabric is soft and warm that keeps body temperature regulated. If you are preparing to get married in sheer cold weather, wearing a kilt can certainly save you from hypothermia. The ancient Scottish history claims that tartan was designed to keep men safe from the chilling weather of the high land. It is wrapped to cover almost all parts of the legs leaving behind the hinged section of the calf, which is further covered with woolen socks. Keeping a  Scottish theme for your wedding demand selecting dates during the peak months of winter. However, wearing kilts will make it easy for you to stand for long hours outside during the ceremony and perform every religious ritual. Tartan is made from pure woolen material that feels soft against the legs and gives excellent insulation to the wearer.

Kilts represent the family heritage and clan affiliation.

Kilts are the best representation of Scottish culture. Oftentimes, we deviate from our cultural roots as we settle in distant locations. Therefore, arranging a Scottish-themed wedding acts as an invitation for relatives to reconnect with the clan and family heritage. Arrange a traditional kilt for your big day with formal accessories. You will find yourself more connected with your clan than ever before. Men’s Kilt outfits define uniformity and a lover of Scottish culture. The way that Scottish man carry kilts represent their high aesthetic and bravery. Choose the outfit and stand tall among the fellow clans.

Tartan keeps you warm in cold outdoor weddings

If you live in a cold-weather geographic location, kilts can be handy in keeping you and the other groom’s men warm. The tartan is made from thick woolen material that keeps the body warm even below zero temperature. Even if the kilt only covers the knees, the thick fabric material also regulates the temperature of other body parts. You must choose the tartan representing your clan as it can be derogatory for other clans. Besides that, it is also culturally inappropriate. Choose the same tartan pattern for the groom’s men representing your clan.

It will make you look cutting edge

Kilt with formal wedding accessories can add stars to your personality. The groomed look of wedding kilts day looks appealing. Besides that, even the people who do not belong to Scottish heritage love the kilt look, making it appealing for their big day. in fact, the kilt looks exceptional on bearded grooms as most of the Scottish men preferred long un-tamed beards with kilted skirts.

How to choose the full kilt outfit for your big day?

Choosing the right kilt outfit can be excruciating for people, especially when they aren’t in touch with their Scottish roots. Here is a description of the kilted wedding outfit.

Type of kilt:

Wedding days require a formal kilt outfit that requires all of the needed accessories. Usually, on the wedding day, the groom must wear a Prince Charlie outfit as it has been in cultural trend for a long time. Prince Charlie’s jacket with the clan tartan kilt gives the groom a refined, impressive, and luxurious look.

Prince Charlie Jacket:

The jacket contains a set of three buttons on both sides of the jacket. The back hangs lower than other kilt jackets. Usually, the color of the prince Charlie jacket is preferred to be black; however, the color may vary depending on the theme color of the wedding. The vest that you are going to wear underneath the jacket should be the same color as the jacket’s buttons. However, if you do not like unnecessary colors, go for a plain white collared shirt underneath the prince Charlie dress.


The sporran is one of the most important accessories for kilted outfits. In fact, the outfit is meaningless without the right choice of the sporran. Purchase a sporran that contains a metal top cantle with a fur body. Besides that, the sporran should have three feathers facing down.


SgianDubh is a small pocketknife that Highlanders used to carry with them for safety purposes. His knife is tucked on the hose. There is a wide range of SgianDubh available in online stores. However, if you want to purchase a SgianDubh for Prince Charlie dress, try to go for a more ornate option. In fact, the Charlie knife must contain a gem or crest on its dominant surface.

Fly Plaid:

It is a portion of fabric that is stitched to the jacket on the front. Fly plaid is draped over the shoulder to add a final touch of magnificence. Besides that, the fly plaid is unnecessary as it depends completely on the wearer’s personal preference. Only Nobel highlanders used to wear fly plaid to stand out among the crowd back in the old times. As it is uncommon these days, the choice depends widely on your fashion taste.


Everything should be aligned to pull off the complete Scottish kilt outfitlook. Usually, the prince Charlie kilt is worn with a type of shoes known as ghillie brogues. However, you can add some variation by wearing buckle brogues instead. Besides that, use socks that complement the accent tone of your kilt. Usually, the hose/socks are caramel-colored as bright white color is referred to as pipers.

Kilt pin:

The main reason behind wearing a kilt pin in men’s kilt outfit is to add weight and decoration to your kilt. The ornate level varied in kilt pins. However, events like weddings require a highly ornated kilt pin. You can personalize the pin as per your taste and requirement.

Where to purchase?

The biggest question that needs answering at the end is finding a trustworthy store to purchase the kilted outfit. If you need a reliable resource that offers premium quality kilt and its accessories, look no further and visit our website. We offer a wide selection of tartan and kilt outfits that can complement your big day in several ways. We have it all in our store, from a high-quality prince Charlie jacket to ornate pins. Our dedicated team ensures our customers an early parcel dispatch and full customization as per their taste. By far, we have acquired a high reputation in the world of Scottish outfits with thousands of happy customers. Place your order today and add stars to your big day.

Final words:

Modern Kilt outfits have been in fashion for centuries. In fact, not even a single detail about this traditional dress has changed. Nothing can be better than wearing a formal kilted outfit on your big day. IN this article, we have given our readers five reasons for wearing a kilt on their big day. Besides that, we have also sourced details regarding a formal Prince Charlie kilt outfit that most Scottish people prefer wearing on their big day. Customize the kilt as per your requirement and stand tall among other groomsmen on your big day.

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