What is a tactical kilt?

Wear A Tactical Kilt To look sexy

Kilts are arguably the most comfortable garment a man can ever think of wearing. Kilts have been the Scottish icon for many years. It is not just a piece of tartan cloth. In fact, it is the National Dress of Scotland. The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century when a knee-length pleated wrap skirt was made for men in the wool tartan material. In the beginning, the kilts were the large piece of clothes worn as cloaks. [...]

How to Rock A Kilt While Preserving Your Modesty

Kilt- With pleats at the back, a type of knee-length non-bifurcated skirt has been worn since the 16th century. You might have seen Scottish males wearing a cloth that looks like a skirt with tartan patterns. You wondered why the hell a man is wearing a skirt. Just say that word to a Scottish man and get ready to be punched right in the face. I am not kidding. The kilt is not a “SKIRT.” It is a traditional outfit/dress of [...]