Do Irish wear kilts

What Is A Kilt And Do Irish Wear Kilts?

What comes to your mind when you think about Irish civilian attire? Probably the kilts! Do Irish wear kilts, and how it became the part of Irish culture? A kilt is a garment resembling a knee-length skirt that has pleats at the back. It is the national garb from Scotland and is associated with the Scottish and Irish heritage for centuries. But what most people don’t know is that the Irish kilts do not have the ancient pedigree. Evidence suggests [...]

Custom Kilts

Can Non-Scots Wear Custom Kilts? The Detailed Answer

Kilts are men’s unbifurcated garments that are linked to Scottish and Irish heritage. Don’t get confused as they are certainly not skirts. Kilts have a long tradition as a part of Celtic culture and are still worn in many parts of the world. For Irish and Scottish people wearing custom kilts is a way to show off pride for their Celtic heritage. In fact, this exotic garment is the national costume of Scotland. Scots wear kilts with pride as it is a [...]

Buy Kilt For Sale Online

Reasons You Should Buy Kilt For Sale Online

Can a non-Scot wear a kilt? Renting a kilt is fine, or should I buy it? What is the best place to purchase kilt for sale online? All these questions pop up in mind when you are about to wear the highland dress for the first time. Do you know wearing a kilt is more than just getting dressed on a given day? Scottish people are quite unrelenting about wearing kilts. It wouldn’t wrong saying that it is more than just wearing [...]

mens kilts

Mens Kilts; The Groom’s Choice For The Big Day

Your big day is fast approaching, and you are already in the process of planning your big day. A wedding is indeed a special day in everyone’s life. As a matter of fact, it is the occasion where you need to get everything right. Is wearing men's kilts on your special day a good idea? Picking the right kilt outfit for your wedding can be difficult. Should I even wear a kilt at my wedding? What doublet should I wear with [...]

Kilts of Scotland

Kilts Of Scotland; The Sought-After Fashion Item Globally

You might have seen men wearing kilts. You might have heard jokes about what Scots wear under kilts. But do you know that kilts of Scotland are known as the country’s national garb? It is a highly recognized form of dress throughout the world. As a matter of fact, nothing matches the Scottish kilts when it comes to the national costume. Whenever you think about Scotland, the first thing that pops up in mind is the highland dress. It is a historical [...]

Wedding kilts for men to glorify their best day

Wedding Kilts; The Perfect Outfit For Your Big Day

Wedding kilts are perfect to wear at the charming celebration of your wedding. Your wedding dress serves as a reminder of your special day. A wedding is the day of your dreams when you tie the knots with your better half. When you envisage a marriage, it is the dress that takes center stage, and couples spend a lot of time and money finding their perfect wedding dress. The day of your dreams (wedding) is drawing near, and you want to wear [...]

modern kilts

What Should You Contemplate Before Purchasing A Modern Kilt?

The modern kilts can be a cool and stylish alternative to trousers or jeans for daily wear, work, or an event such as a musical festival. Now that you’ve decided to at last decide to get your first modern kilt, there’re a lot of things to contemplate. What kind of fabric ought to you select? What ought to search for in fabrics, and how can a fabric affect how the kilt feels and looks after some washes? Do you desire [...]

Leather kilt

Everything You Need To Know About Leather Kilts

The latter-day kilts have really changed from the classic cloth and plaid wool garments that were carried centuries ago. Today, different kilt designers are making styles out of different exceptional materials that attract modern gents. One of the newest styles that come from the kilt manufacturers' workshops is the leather kilts. Keep on reading for learning more about them. The Basics: If you don’t know the terminology, a kilt is a skirt that’s made for guys, not ladies, although ladies now [...]

Irish Tartan Kilt

Irish Tartans As A Symbol Of Pride Of The Celtic Culture

Tartan kilts are associated and originate from Scotland. They are a symbol of pride and honor for Scottish people. In fact, the kilt is the national dress of Scotland. But what many people don’t know that kilts are long-established in Irish culture as well. A kilt is a vital part of Irish culture, and people in both countries wear kilts during formal occasions. They are worn to celebrate the Celtic heritage of both countries. History of Irish tartan kilts: Well, there [...]

Scottish kilts

Scottish Kilt ; One Of The Most Recognizable Forms Of National Dress

When you think about Scotland, three things come to your mind bagpipes, haggis, and kilts. The most prominent of all is indeed the kilt. These are known as the national dress of Scotland. Kilts indeed have deep cultural and historical roots in the country of Scotland. A kilt is one of the most recognizable forms of national dress throughout the world. For a true scot, it is a symbol of honor and patriotism. A kilt is more often worn [...]