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Can Non-Scots Wear Custom Kilts? The Detailed Answer

Kilts are men’s unbifurcated garments that are linked to Scottish and Irish heritage. Don’t get confused as they are certainly not skirts. Kilts have a long tradition as a part of Celtic culture and are still worn in many parts of the world. For Irish and Scottish people wearing custom kilts is a way to show off pride for their Celtic heritage. In fact, this exotic garment is the national costume of Scotland.

Scots wear kilts with pride as it is a sacred symbol of honor for them. Can non-scots also wear kilts? Is it offensive for non-scots to wear the highland dress? Or they can rock their look in this manliest garment ever?

Custom kilts-anyone can wear them:

Think about Scotland, and the kilts would be the first thing that would come to your mind. The history of this beautiful garment stretches back to the end of the 16th century. The great kilts were the first to appear on the scene. It was a full-length garment and the upper half of it was draped over the shoulder. Then in the 18th century, small kilts (the bottom half of the kilt) were developed. It is also known as the walking kilt.

Now let’s talk about non-scots wearing kilts. Is it offensive for them to wear it? Many people do not wear kilts, thinking that Scots may not like it. Well, they would be pleased if you wear kilts. Having said that, there are certain things you need to consider before wearing a kilt if you do not have any connection to Scotland.

  • Style of the kilts:

You might be aware of the fact that Scottish people wear a tartan that represents their clan. The plaid pattern of the tartan kilt is often associated with heraldry. Both Irish and Scots wear a tartan that is linked to their family. If you are neither a scot nor have any connections with Irish culture, then you should not wear a tartan kilt. They may take offense if they see you wearing their tartan.

So, it is better not to wear a tartan kilt. There are universal tartans such as black watch tartan, Royal Stewart tartan, etc. that everyone can wear.

  • Military kilts:

You should not wear a military kilt if you are not a veteran or service member. It may offend the family members who have lost their loved ones wearing that tartan. There are different styles of tartans available out there that you can choose to wear. You should not wear organizations kilt if you are not a part of that organization

  • The context:

Everyone can wear a kilt no matter what part of the world he belongs to. But remember that you are wearing a piece of garment that is sacred to Scots. Wearing a kilt does not offend the scots, but how you behave could be offensive. You should keep your legs closed while wearing a kilt. No matter you wear a leather kilt, utility kilt, or hybrid kilt, make sure that you wear it with modesty.

  • The occasion:

You should choose a Scottish kilt according to the occasion. If you are going to attend a wedding or is it your big day, you can don a kilt. You can wear it on graduation, dances, and proms and even at funerals too. You can wear kilts as day to day attire as well.

But wearing a kilt at a Halloween as a costume can offend the scots. They may take it as disrespect to their heritage. Always keep in mind that it is the national dress of Scotland, so you should take care of the sentiments of Scottish people before wearing a kilt. You want to don a kilt, but your aim must not be to offend anyone.

  • Wear a kilt with modesty:

Everyone can wear a kilt whatever his background is. You need to understand that it is not a tossed-on garment. It looks great only when it seamlessly fits you. You should take the correct measurements before buying a kilt. The sizing guides are available on the internet that can help you take the correct measurements.

You should not skimp on quality. A kilt is a treasured piece of clothing in your wardrobe, so make sure that you buy a quality fabric tartan. There are low-quality kilts also available at a cheap price. But there is no point spending money on a low-quality kilt because it does not look great at all.

Don’t forget to wear the accessories:

Kilts can be found in different styles, designs, and colors. You can pick one according to your personal preferences and of course the occasion you are going to attend. To complement your kilt outfit, you should wear kilt accessories too. You can wear a kilt pin, kilt flashes, hose, sgian dubh, brogues, sporran, and tie to rock your kilt outfit. At The Scottish Kilt Collection, you would be able to find a custom made kilt with all the accessories at a fair price. So, don’t forget to visit to find the highland dress that perfectly fits your body.

Final verdict:

No matter you belong to Scotland or not, you can wear a kilt. But there are certain things you need to consider while wearing a kilt, as explained above. You are wearing a kilt on some occasions. The chances are there would be other people too who have worn the highland dress. So, spotting poorly made kilt would not be difficult.

You do not want to get embarrassed, so instead of wasting your money on buying a low-quality kilt, invest it in some high-quality kilts. Besides, you should know how to present yourself in a kilt. It would be better to rehearse a few times at home. Purchasing kilts online would be a great idea as you would be able to pick a perfect one among several options available. A kilt is indeed a great fashion addition to your wardrobe.

So, Put on the highland dress with respect and pride.

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