Women’s utility kilt; To Set You Apart From Everyone Else

Are kilts just for men, or do women wear them too? A kilt is conventionally a man’s garment, and highlanders have been wearing it for centuries. It is a knee-length skirt-like garment that is considered sacred in Scotland. Kilts began as a style of dress reserved for men, but women these days also want to enjoy this traditional style of dress. They already wear kilts that are commonly known as women’s kilted skirts. A huge variety of kilts for ladies, including leather kilts, tartan, women’s utility kilt, and camo kilts, is available out there so that you can choose one to rock your look alongside the guys.

Utility kilts for women- Stay ahead of the trends:

Selecting a kilt may seem overwhelming at first, as there are different styles and designs readily available at your disposal. But when you know why you are wearing it, it becomes quite easy to choose your Celtic attire. Men wear the highland dress to rock their look and enjoy this traditional style of dress. How about women wearing the highland dress?

Kilts for ladies are breaking into the mainstream as they are stylish, plentiful, and versatile. It was the year 1800 when women in Scotland decided to claim their place in representing their land through dress, and now kilts are quite popular among girls too. You might have seen this skirt-like garment being used as a winter uniform for girls in many schools.

Just like men, women also have to choose the highland dress according to the occasion and their personal preference. If you are looking for something to wear in day to day use or at work, then women utility kilt is the top pick for you.

Product description:

Utility kilts make your workday more comfortable. They provide you the freedom of movement so that you can perform work efficiently. One of the biggest problems with women’s clothing is the lack of storage. Well, they can carry purses along, but you can’t do your job efficiently while wearing a purse at work.

Men’s clothing tends to have a lot of pocket space, which makes it easy for them to store stuff. Women’s clothing does not have pocket space. Utility kilt for women comes with the pockets so that they can store items in these pockets while working. Women can store wallets, purse, keys, and phone, etc. in these pockets without having to bring a purse.

At The Scottish Kilt Collection, we have utility kilts for women that are made from high-quality materials and are long-lasting. These kilts are available in different designs and styles at Scottishkiltcollection.com. In fact, each kilt is designed to the highest quality specifications to ensure that you get what you wanted.

Highlighted features:

  • Comes with buckles, belts, and loops for adjustment
  • Cargo pockets for active women
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Available at low price
  • Perfect work wear kilt for women looking for a Scottish outfit

Black police utility kilt :

Kilts are used for both men and women as uniforms. You are looking for a unisex utility kilt, then black police utility kilt is the right pick. It is a formal police utility kilt that is made up of a cotton blend. There are two cargo pockets at the back of the kilt. It is decorated with golden chrome buttons. Also, it features a small pocket and a mobile holder to make it a perfect kilt to be worn at work. The pleats are deep sewn down; however, the depth of the pleats can be done as per customer’s choice.

Black women utility kilt:

It is a utility designed for active women who need to be comfortable while working on tough jobs. It features two pockets on the sides of the kilt with the decorative buttons on them. The front apron of the kilt is simple and has buttons atop it. Check it now at Scottishkiltcollection.com and place an order now to make your work easy.

Utility kilt with leather straps:

Well, the girls want to be comfortable at work, but they want to look beautiful at the same time. No matter you are buying a kilt to wear as casual attire or at work, you should look stunning. Utility kilt with leather straps is a traditional highland kilt which is made from soft quality of cotton so that you can feel comfortable while wearing it for long hours.

The long pockets on sides make it easy to carry stuff like mobile phones and wallets etc. The hardware material used on the kilt is rust free. Since it is one size kilt, be careful while sending your measurements.

Red utility kilt with net pocket:

Are you looking for a highland dress in a blunt and bold color? Red utility kilt is the right choice. It is specially designed for tough girls and guys with hard jobs. Red net pockets on the sides of the kilt give it a stylish look. The front apron is simple and has a flat net fabric on the side. The pleats are deep sewn that give this garment an amazing look.

Women Scottish luxurious black box pleated kilt skirt:

It is a beautiful tailored black Scottish kilt for women. It has pleats all around to give it a stylish look. No matter you wear it at work or at home, it looks stunning. The kilts for women are usually shorter than that of the men’s kilts. It features detachable belts with gold-tone brass buckles. It comes with leather belting and metal buckles. This amazing looking highland dress is made from 100% cotton to make it a comfortable dress.

Who says women can’t wear a highland dress? They can wear it at any time on any occasion. As a matter of fact, this Scottish attire has become popular all over the world, and in many countries, it has been used as uniforms. It looks amazing, stylish, and comfortable. So check out our utility kilt collection and