How to Rock A Kilt While Preserving Your Modesty

Kilt- With pleats at the back, a type of knee-length non-bifurcated skirt has been worn since the 16th century. You might have seen Scottish males wearing a cloth that looks like a skirt with tartan patterns. You wondered why the hell a man is wearing a skirt. Just say that word to a Scottish man and get ready to be punched right in the face. I am not kidding. The kilt is not a “SKIRT.” It is a traditional outfit/dress of [...]

Utility Kilts For Men; A Strong Choice Of Modern Kilt Lovers

Utility Kilts For Men; A Strong Choice Of Modern Kilt Lovers With deep historical and cultural roots in Scotland, Kilt is a highly recognized form of dress. The kilts are the national dress of Scotland and a sacred symbol of patriotism and honor for Scottish people. The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century when it was traditionally worn by the Gaelic speaking males as a full-length garment. In the beginning, the kilts were made using self-colored garment. [...]

Cargo Kilt Makes Your Kilt Collection Stand Out

When it comes to national dresses, probably there is nothing that can even match Scottish kilts. Kilts are stylish, adorable, and cool. Wearing a kilt is more than just wearing a piece of cloth. For those who don’t know, a kilt is one of the most stylish and adorable cloth wear of Scottish people. The kilt has been implemented in the military as a uniform for decades. Scottish people wear kilts in day to day use or at special events. [...]

Highland Kilts Don’t Let You Fret About What To Wear

Scotland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Besides the untouched beaches and spectacular golf courses that make Scotland famous are its traditional clothing- Highland kilts. Historically, kilts were worn exclusively by Scottish men. However, women these days also wear kilts to show their respect towards the Scottish culture. A kilt is a type of clothing similar to a skirt. It is an integral part of Scottish culture and heritage as it is descended from the [...]

What is a tactical kilt?

Wear A Tactical Kilt To look sexy

Kilts are arguably the most comfortable garment a man can ever think of wearing. Kilts have been the Scottish icon for many years. It is not just a piece of tartan cloth. In fact, it is the National Dress of Scotland. The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century when a knee-length pleated wrap skirt was made for men in the wool tartan material. In the beginning, the kilts were the large piece of clothes worn as cloaks. [...]