Utility Kilts For Men; A Strong Choice Of Modern Kilt Lovers

With deep historical and cultural roots in Scotland, Kilt is a highly recognized form of dress. The kilts are the national dress of Scotland and a sacred symbol of patriotism and honor for Scottish people. The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century when it was traditionally worn by the Gaelic speaking males as a full-length garment. In the beginning, the kilts were made using self-colored garment. In 1720s British military started using kilts as the formal uniform. Kilts are more often made of the woolen stuff in a tartan pattern.

Kilts are worn as highland games and sports events and of course on formal occasions. But now the kilts are also used as an everyday garment and as informal male clothing (Just like before).

Wear a kilt with pride:

When you think of Scotland, the first thing that comes to your mind is a Kilt. It was clothing that began its life as a cloak. Then it became the symbol of the Scots.  A time came when the English outlawed wearing a tartan by the scots. Well, it was an attempt to kill the spirits of Scottish people because the pattern of each tartan was unique to each clan.

Scottish people used to wear a pattern that belonged to their clan so that the folks can recognize them even from a distance. English banned tartans and ordered to kill the person who does not follow the law. For Scottish people banning a kilt was like taking their identities. They retaliated and fought to get freedom. Due to their efforts today the kilts are a symbol of freedom of Scots. Now, scots wear this garment with pride and honor as it has become the national dress of Scotland.

Utility kilts- Traditional kilts with a modern touch:

Have you decided to wear a kilt? Cool! But you should be aware of the types of kilts and how they are worn. Before buying a kilt, you need to decide what do you want to wear it to? Is it a sports event or a marriage ceremony where you want to wear it? Or you just want to wear a kilt in day to day activities?

You want to wear a traditional kilt with a modern touch, then utility kilts for men are available out there. These kilts are made of comfortable cloth to make your normal wear relaxing and comfortable. At Scottish Kilt Collection you can find the high-quality modern utility kilts for men at a reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab your size now!

What is a utility kilt?

Utility kilts are a type of kilts made from heavy-duty fabric. The utility kilts have a plain front and the pleats at sides just like a traditional kilt. But utility kilts look more modern and stylish than conventional kilts. It also features pockets to let you carry different items while working. These kilts are made from heavy-duty fabric, so you feel relaxed and comfortable all the time. Utility kilts are more stylish and operations than conventional kilts. Want to buy stylish utility kilt? Browse our pages at Scottish Kilt Collection and choose the best one.

Utility Kilts for men:

Who says you can’t wear a kilt on the job? A utility kilt is designed to give you a cool and stylish feeling whenever you wear it. Our utility kilts are made from hundred percent cotton fibers so; you do not need to worry about the quality of the materials.

We have a wide range of modern utility kilts of active men. The exterior slip pockets and the deep pockets on each side make it a functional as well as a stylish kilt for men. It also features the hip straps so that you can adjust the fit.

Tips for buying a quality utility kilt:

As a matter of fact, a kilt is a garment that gives a more manly look. You might have seen many Scottish people wearing a kilt. They look cool? Isn’t it so? If you are really impressed by this traditional Scottish garment and want to wear, then there are a few things/points you need to keep in mind. It is sacred clothing for Scottish people so, take it seriously. Utility kilts are for those men who want to wear a kilt as a casual dress. Here are a few useful tips that might help you buy the best utility kilt for yourself:

  • Quality:

You should know that high-quality kilt will always be expensive. If someone is offering you a kilt at a cheap rate, then there is a red flag. Always ask about the material that has been used whenever you go to buy a kilt. Remember, quality comes first.

If you buy a low-quality kilt, it will not look that great. So, instead of wasting money on cheap buying, spend a few dollars more to get the perfect kilt for you.

  • Size:

Imagine you are wearing a kilt for the first time and it is not even of your size. You will look funny. You don’t want anyone to laugh at you then choose the right size. Size is an important thing you need to consider while buying a kilt. Remember that if you pick a wrong sized kilt, it will not look nice whatsoever. So, make sure you know your size before placing an order. You don’t know how to measure your size? No problem! We have given a detailed guide on how to measure your size for buying a kilt. Check it out.

Summing up:

You should choose the right style and right size whenever you make a decision to buy a kilt. Utility kilts are durable and tough so, you can wear it anywhere you want to. Be it an adventure break or work you can wear a utility kilt with confidence. But make sure you know the rules to wear a kilt. Place an order now to rock your look.

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    Bear Pride Elite Utility Style Hybrid Kilt For Men

    First Step:
    Waist: Measure along with belly button around, pulling the gut in slightly
    Second Step:
    Hips: Measure around buttocks nat widest part buttocks
    Third Step:
    Lenght: Get Someone to help With this. Kneel down, thighs vertical.

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    Looking for a kilt that can stand up to whatever comes your way? Modern Kilt Outfit Utility is made of 100% cotton jeans and decorated with apron buttons, d-rings, hooks, chains, and pockets that all make it very attractive and workable for hard work, fashion, sports, and hiking.


    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Utility
    Type: Sports/Fashion/Hiking
    Fastening: Buttons
    Side Pockets: Flapped with Buttons
    Decorated: D-Rings/Clips/Chains
    Hardware: Antique
    Size: Made to Order

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    Black Hybrid Kilt Men is a unique design for those who love black clothing and you can wear it as street fashion, party events, or sports events. The construction of this kilt is crazy to wear differently and look different. Men Hybrid Kilt Black comes with the adjustable option with strong and real leather straps.


    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Jeans
    Style: Hybrid
    Type: Sports/Fashion/Pary Event
    Pleats: Orange
    Fastening: Straps with Buttons
    Straps: Black Leather
    Side Pockets: Flapped with Buttons
    Hardware: Select
    Size: Made to Order