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Where to buy a kilt? How To Find The Perfect Kilt Outfit?

Do you know that highland dress is a popular choice of outfit for ceremonies and occasions in Scotland? Do you know non-scots also wear it at weddings, graduations, and other events? Well,  it can be a confusing process to choose a kilt and accessories to wear with it, especially when you don’t know where to buy a kilt from. To give you a hand, here is an ultimate guide about how you can find the perfect kilt outfit and which the best place to buy the highland dress is.

Where to buy a kilt? Find a stunning range of kilts:

A kilt is known as the National dress of men in Scotland and has been worn for centuries. It is a knee-length skirt-like garment that is worn with the accessories. However, the accessories people wear with a kilt vary in amount depending on the outfit they decide to wear.

No matter you belong to Scotland or don’t have any connections with the Celtic culture, you can wear a kilt. But finding a perfect kilt can be an intimidating task, especially for those who are going to wear it for the first time.

If it is your first time, then you may not know where to buy it from. You should always wear a quality kilt, but not everyone out there is selling the highland dresses made from quality materials. So, let’s make things easier for you. Scottishkiltcollection.com is the place where you will find a stunning range of Scottish kilts to wear on a given day.

No matter you want to buy a tactical kilt, utility kilt, leather kilt, or a tartan kilt, they have them all. The price is fair, and the service is great. All you have to do is to visit their website, choose a kilt, provide your correct measurements, and place an order. That’s it.

How to find a perfect kilt outfit?

Putting a complete kilt outfit is not that easy. You don’t know where to start. There are so many elements to think about. Also, you need to determine why you are buying it. The choice of kilt depends on the formality of the event. For example, it is your wedding, and you want to rock a kilt, but you cannot wear a utility kilt at your wedding. You have to choose a kilt according to the occasions and of course your personal preference too.

Choose a tartan:

The first step in choosing a complete kilt outfit is to pick a tartan. Do you want to connect with your family heritage or just want to rock the highland dress? If you belong to Scotland and have a connection with the Celtic culture, then you know that tartan represents a clan. You should wear a tartan that represents your family.

What if you don’t have any connection with Scotland? Can you still wear a highland dress? Of course, you can. There are some universal tartans available out there that can be worn by anyone. These tartans include:

  • Royal Stewart tartan
  • Black Watch tartan
  • Lindsay tartan
  • Dress Stewart tartan
  • MacLeod of Lewis tartan

However, there are some tartans linked to certain families, and you can’t wear them. For example, Balmoral tartan can only be worn by the members of the British royal family.

Choose a jacket:

You are wearing a kilt at some formal occasion, but you don’t know what type of jacket would go well with it. There are numbers of doublets available out there, and each of them is best suited to particular waistcoat and accessories. The choice of a doublet depends on the formality of the event you are going to attend.

If you are going to a wedding, graduation, or ball, then you need to choose a formal doublet. Prince Charlie jacket is one of the most formal jackets worn on black-tie evening events. Argyll jacket can be worn at any occasion, and for day events, the tweed breamer jacket is perfect.

Choose complimentary accessories:

s: What type of accessories should one wear with a kilt? Is it mandatory to wear all the kilt accessories? Well, if you are going to some formal occasion, then you must wear all the kilt accessories to complement your highland dress. The kilt accessories include:

  • Sporran
  • Pins
  • Brogues
  • Sign Dubh
  • Kilt hose
  • Belts and buckles

When you wear a quality kilt with complete accessories, it makes you look distinct.

 Measuring your kilt:

You want to look stylish, unique, and elegant on a given day. You have decided to wear a kilt. But you would not look great if the kilt you have chosen does not fit you perfectly. It is true that

You have to be careful while sitting or standing when you wear a kilt. But you would not be comfortable if it does not fit you right. You should be as precise as possible while measuring for a highland dress. You can wear a kilt to check size when you buy it from a brick and mortar store. You need to be careful while placing an order online, as you wouldn’t be able to try it. So, make sure that you provide the correct measures so that you can wear a perfectly fitted highland dress.


Highland dress is gaining popularity all over the world. It is a traditional dress that has been worn for centuries. It is exotic, comfortable, and stylish. You can wear a kilt at weddings, balls, highland games and even as day to day attire as well. Provide correct measures while placing an order online. Take a look at the accurate sizing guide to understand how you have to measure waist, hips, and length. If you are purchasing a kilt online, then make sure you read the reviews so that you do not end up buying a kilt that is low in quality and is poorly stitched.

Now you are ready to rock the highland dress but make sure you wear it with respect

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