The Most Versatile Argyle Kilt Jackets For All Occasions

Trying to choose a kilt outfit can be a tricky business. There are a plethora of ways to accessorize your highland dress. No matter what the occasion is, wearing a kilt jacket can make you stand out from the crowd.

There are different types of kilt jackets that you can pair with your kilt outfit. Argyle Kilt Jackets are one of the doublets that look stunning when worn with kilts. These doublets are the versatile equivalent of a traditional dress suit. You can wear it on formal and informal occasions alike.

Argyle Highland jacket – suitable for all occasions:

So, you have decided to try to wear the highland dress to an event but don’t know what doublet will go with the kilt you are wearing. When it comes to wearing jackets with a kilt, two popular options are:

Argyll jackets are less formal than the prince Charlie jackets. These are the traditional jackets worn with highland dress. The traditional argyle doublet is most suited to the evening occasions. It is possibly the most versatile doublet that can be worn with a bow tie or tie. The most amazing part is that you can wear these jackets on all occasions. Be it a wedding or work party; you can rock your look by wearing this amazing highland wear.

Product description:

Argyle Highland jacket is perfect with a kilt suited to evening occasions. It is shorter than a regular jacket and has a gauntlet cuff. Though the gauntlet cuff makes the sleeves of the doublet a little bulky, however, it makes it perfect to be worn at formal occasions. It is a single-breasted jacket. The lapels of the jacket are made from the material that is used for the rest of the doublet.

The cuffs of the jacket are decorated with ornate buttons and vertical piping. The same buttons are used on the pocket flaps and gauntlets. Also, you will find one button on each of the shoulder epaulets. A standard Argyle jacket is made from Barathea, which is woolen fabric. Visit to choose your perfectly designed doublet Now.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from 100% wool fabric
  • Pockets and cuffs decorated with buttons
  • Suitable for casual and formal events alike
  • Customizable doublet for highland dress lovers
  • Available in all sizes

Argyle kilt jacket and waistcoat:

Argyle highland doublets are made from a high-quality woolen fabric “Barathea” that is renowned for its quality and durability. It is a versatile contemporary jacket that can be worn on a range of occasions. Is it necessary to wear a waistcoat with this highland doublet? Well, it comes with one button which is traditionally unfastened. Five-button waistcoats are quite common among argyle kilt lovers.

Check our website to get a waistcoat that goes well with the argyle jacket. As far as the shirt is concerned, you do not need to wear any pleated shirt as it would not be shown when you wear Argyle jacket and waistcoat.

Black Argyle kilt jacket:

Argyle doublet comes in different styles and designs. These highland jackets can be worn on any occasion (be it the day or evening). When it comes to wearing a highland dress, you have to make sure that everything is according to the tartan you have chosen. The black argyle jacket goes well with almost any tartan. Go to to choose your perfectly fitted doublet.

Blue argyle kilt jacket:

Blue is your favorite, and you want to wear a blue argyle jacket at the wedding of your loved one? Then you are in the right place. We at The Scottish Kilt Collection have Scottish Argyle kilt Jacket & Waistcoat available in blue color. It has three pockets at the front and two inner pockets. Also, the waistcoat has two pockets. It is decorated with thistle buttons. The waistcoat also has five matching thistle buttons.

White argyle kilt jacket:

Are you looking for a white Scottish argyle kilt jacket? Then look no further as we HERE have made them available at a fair price. It is a fully lined doublet decorated with thistle buttons. The waistcoat is also fully lined. It too has five matching thistle buttons. What are you waiting for? Pick your doublet now before someone else grabs it.

Argyle Charlie Economy jacket:

It is perfect for the men who love to wear the highland dress at parties. Available in black color, it is the best companion of your kilt. It is made of high-quality serge wool and features chrome buttons. It is available in all sizes so that you can get your perfect fit without any trouble. Since it is made to measure doublet, you would not feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

Argyle tweed kilt jacket:

If you are looking for the finest tweed jacket, then Scottish Kilt Collection is the right place indeed. We have argyle tweed jackets perfect for casual wear and formal events. Don’t worry about the size as it is available in all sizes. So, order now to look simple yet stunning at the upcoming event.

Wear the complete Argyle kilt outfit:

Considered less formal as compared to the prince Charlie, Argyle kilt jackets are perfect for every occasion. What you should wear depends on the occasion and your personal choice. You can wear your complete argyle kilt outfit at highland games, wedding receptions, formal dinners, graduation, dances, and many other formal and informal occasions.

It is usually worn with a five-button waistcoat. For a complete look, you should wear it with a ruched tie or bow tie. Wear it with a sporran, and the choice of sporran depends on the occasion. Your kilt outfit will not be complete until you wear the standard kilt accessories. We at Scottish Kilt Collection have made them available, so check it out.

In short, it is a sophisticated jacket that can be worn on any occasion. It grooms your personality, and you feel more confident while wearing it.

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