Prince Charlie Jacket; The Most Formal Style Of Kilt Jackets

Choosing a kilt outfit can be a tricky business. There are a plethora of styles and designs available, and you get confused about what to choose to look stunning. No matter what the occasion is, you want to look the best.

Your kilt outfit is not complete without a doublet. But the problem is there are many different kinds available out there. To name a few Argyle jackets, Prince Charlie Jacket, Sheriffmuir, and the Arrochar Jacket! What is classed as casual or formal? It is highly important to choose a doublet according to the occasion and event. Well, it is pretty obvious that you can’t wear a utility kilt at the wedding, dance, or graduation.

Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket offers traditional style:

Prince Charlie doublet is the most formal style of kilt jackets. It is sometimes referred to as a “coaster” as it is cut slightly higher than other types of doublets. It mimics tuxedo, so it tends to be the doublet worn as formal or evening wear.

Prince Charlie doublet is a formal black-tie highland dress that is cut shorter to show off your kilt tartan and style. It is a highly decorative double-breasted doublet with lapels.

Traditionally, these doublets are worn with bow tie and winged-collar shirts. For a more contemporary look, you can wear it with a Victorian collar shirt as well. Bonnie Prince Charlie doublets are a must for the highland dress lovers. Since these are appropriate for evening events, you cannot wear these jackets in the day.

Product description:

Suitable for formal occasion, Prince charier doublet is designed to flatter any shape. The tartan used is made from high-quality Barathea 100% pure cotton wool. It is worn with a three-button waistcoat for dinners and black-tie events.

It features six ornate buttons at the front, and the same three ornate buttons are sewn on the cuffs in a vertical arrangement. The buttons on the cuffs are sewn on a separate piece of cloth. Then that cloth is neatly sewn on the sleeves to make it look like the buttons are elegantly framed. Sometimes this stunning doublet has satin lapels and silk braided epaulets too.

There are eight ornate buttons on the two small tails of the cattle, as well. All the buttons used for decorating the jacket are the same. If you are looking for a formal doublet to be worn with the highland dress at the dinners, weddings, and balls, then visit

Value-added features:

  • 100% hard-wearing premium Barathea wool
  • Each piece is fully tailored
  • Comes with a vest
  • Finished with a traditional polished button
  • Silk Braided epaulets
  • It has two inside pockets
  • Two short tails on the back of the doublet
  • Four Celtic buttons on both tails
  • Satin lapels
  • Available in all sizes

Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat:

Don’t get confused between a vest and a waistcoat. Both cover the men’s upper body, and both are sleeveless too. In Great Britain, people use the term waistcoat for this garment, while in the United States, people use the term vest. So, there is really no difference between a waistcoat and a vest.

Prince Charlie doublet has buttons on the front, but these are not fastened and are for decoration only. This stunning jacket is worn with a matching three-button waistcoat.

You can also wear it with a higher fastening five-button vest to complement a ruched tie. As far as the decoration of the vest is concerned, it features the same level of decoration as the doublet. Therefore, you can retain the formality of your outfit even if you remove the doublet.

Prince Charlie jacket buttons:

Prince Charlie is the most formal type of doublet that can be worn at dinners, parties, ball dances, and weddings. Prince Charlie jacket and vest both are decorated with buttons. Four buttons at the tails, six at the front, and three on each sleeve of the jacket. Similarly, the vest is decorated with five or three buttons on the front. The style of buttons used for decoration can vary between jackets.

Prince Charlie jacket and trews:

Don’t know about the trews? These are close-fitting tartan trousers for men. It is a traditional form of trousers/pants from Scottish highland dress for males. If you want to be different at an event, then wear Prince Charlie doublet and trews. You would look unique yet stunning. What you should wear completely depends on your personal preference and the occasion. So, be confident while wearing the trews with your stylish Prince Charlie doublet.

Prince Charlie jacket for sale:

A kilt outfit looks great when you wear it with a jacket. If you are looking for a doublet to wear at some formal events, then The Scottish Kilt Collection has a huge variety of jackets for our clients. Choose one according to the occasion where you are going to rock a kilt.

Prince Charlie is one of the best kilt jackets to be worn at formal occasions. It is made from a high quality breathing fabric Barathea. It is most often comes in black color. However, at The Scottish Kilt Collection, it is available in many other colors as well. We use the top quality material and do not compromise on quality whatsoever. We have tried out best to make these doublets available at a reasonable price for our valuable customers.

Prince Charlie jacket and kilt:

Prince Charlie doublet it often described as the Scottish equivalent of a tuxedo. It is a perfect jacket to be worn at the black and some white-tie events. If you are going to wear it with a kilt, then make sure you wear it with complete accessories that include a sporran, bow-tie, kilt pins, hose, and kilt brogues. Choose a kilt tartan that represents your clan.

Buying elements of a complete kilt outfit may seem daunting. But don’t worry! We have made them available in one place. Visit to pick what you need and place an