Accessories: We have not only the extensive range of kilts for sale, but also we let you choose from an expanded variety of accessories to complete your attire to its perfection. We suggest you complimentary belt buckles, cuff links, sporrans, dirks, fly plaids, kilt pins, kilt tweeds and Sporran chains. One thing worth mention is we never compromise on quality, and our customers are our most valuable asset.

What are some good kilt accessories one should go for?

What are kilts without the accessories? In this article, we are going to mention the most needed Scottish kilt accessories that are not only elegant looking but also make your kilt to look top-notch and add up to its elegance.

What goes with a kilt?

When it comes to a piece of clothing, there are several things with which one can wear kilts. For example, collarless shirts and sweaters look perfect with the kilts. If you wear the kilts casually then go for the tartan Kilt as it can look excellent with T-shirts. To bring out the pattern, design, and color of your kilt try to go for a plane colorless or pale-colored upper wear.

What are some Scottish kilt accessories?

Some accessories that complement the kilts are cuff links, complimentary belts, sporrans, kilt pins, fly plaids, dirks, kilt tweeds, sporran chains, etc.

What is a Kilt accessories sporran?

Sporrans are the most complimenting piece of accessories worn along with the kit. The sporran is known to define the style of a person. Each user has a preference when it comes to sporrans in the kilt. It is a well-decorated pouch that hangs in front of the kilt. This bag is known to perform the same function as the pockets of the kilt. Sporrans therefore, work well with the pocket less kilts. The ornament decoration of the sporran is chosen by the formality of the kilt that is worn with it.

What kind of sporran bags is available in our shop?

Following are some of the hand-made sporrans that you could find on our platform:

Baby size rabbit Sporran:

This sporran is 6 by 5 inches and is perfect for toddlers or infants.

Black and white rabbit fur Sporran

It is made up of black rabbit fur and white tassels. It comes with a chain strap and suspender with your choice

Black Bovine Premium Fur Sporran

It is a leather sporran. The design of this premium sporran is embossed, studded, and crossed chains.

Black Full Dress Rabbit Fur Sporran

With 3 large tassels, this is a Celtic lover’s dream sporran.

Brown Embossed Leather Sporran

This 3 tassels sporran is high quality and can be worn with any kilt color and type.

Celtic Embossed Leather Sporran

With a pin lock system, this sporran is designed for highland games.

Celtic Knot Embossed Leather Sporran

It comes with free adjustable leather and chain and can be worn with any kilt

Celtic Pattern Leather Sporran

It works well with the outfit of Celtic Highland. It is also pocket-friendly.

Embossed Leather Sporran

It is best for daily wearable Kilt.

Masonic Leather Sporran:

With a mason symbol, this sporran is worn on events.

Original Horsehair sporran:

It is made of real horsehair.

Rabbit Fur kilt Sporran:

It is made for Celtic Kilt Lovers.

Studded Leather Sporran:

With beautiful studs, this is perfect for parties and events.

Whit Goat Fur Kilt Sporran:

It contains original goat fur

White Rabbit Fur Full Dress Sporran:

It is handcrafter Irish sporran best for casual use

Final Words:

Scottish Kilt accessories are as crucial as kilts are. Among which sporrans are the much admired and preferred ones. Find the top-notch quality sporran of our shop where you could find an expanded variety that is handcrafted and has been made with premium quality stuff.

  • 8GS Leather Budget Sporran (Bl...

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  • Baby Size Rabbit Sporran

    5.00 out of 5
  • Black and White Rabbit Fur Spo...

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  • -8%
    Black Bovine Premium Fur Sporran

    Black Bovine Premium Fur Sporr...

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  • Black Full dress Rabbit fur sp...

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  • Brown Embossed Leather Sporran

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  • Celtic Embossed Leather Sporra...

    5.00 out of 5
  • Celtic Knot Embossed Leather S...

    5.00 out of 5
  • Celtic Pattern Leather Sporran

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  • Daywear Sporran (Shrine)

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  • Embossed Leather Sporran

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  • Leather Budget Sporran (Black)

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