How to make a Scottish kilt?

How to make a Scottish kilt?

Who among us doesn’t love kilts? This elegant piece of clothing represents so much more than just being a piece of garment. If you are fond of wearing kilts, you must know how difficult it is to find the right size of the kilt. Worry no more because now you can make it at home. In this article, you are going to learn about how to make a Scottish kilt.

If you do not want to wear any sew kilt, here are simple steps that you must follow to tailor a kilt at home:

Selection of Tartan

The foremost step of making a kilt is to choose its base fabric. Kilts are made of Tartan, a semi woolen cloth with a check pattern. Tartans represent a whole clan. The tradition has been carried on since early 1800. To this day, it’s continued if your family has ancestral ties to a specific group, then prefer the specified Tartan for making the kilt if all fails to tend stick to the universal Tartan pattern.

How to make a great kilt Measurement?

It is another crucial aspect. Take the measuring tape and measure the distance around both the hips and waist. It is going to determine how much cloth is needed. For men, begin measuring from the upper end of the buttocks or the most extensive area of the butts, for women start measuring from the thinnest part of the waist to the widest part of the hips.


A traditional kilt is typically equal to the length between your waists to your mid-knee. If you are thinking of wearing a belt with kilt, add 2 inches in the kilt measurement.

Calculate the material

For kilt, you need a larger length of fabric because you need to form pleats with the cloth. Measure the amount of material you need for each pleat, add this value to your full hip measurement. Add 20 percent for extra pleating. It will give you an idea of the inches you needed. Now, divide the value by 72 to determine how many yards you need at double width.

First pleat

The first crease will center the material, and it will be different from the rest of the crease. Roughly fold 6 inches of fabric at the right side of the kilt. Pin in place at the waist. Sew the rest of the creases along with it. The method of pleating can result in excess material. Cut off the excessive material starting from 1 inch per crease.


Cut out a piece of matching cloth. Take 5 inches of material for stitching. Stitch the waistband outside of the apron


Take a duck cloth and cut it in the three pieces (10 inches wide). Stitch the lining with waistband and pleated apron.

Final words

If you love wearing kilts and do not find any kilt that matches your requirement. Then learn an easy way of how to make a Scottish kilt from the article. Here is a simple way of sewing kilt without any hassle. The step by step guide will help you in learning the art of sewing.

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