Kilt Jackets Perfectly Complement Your Highland Dress.

The highland dress is essentially a free dress that makes you feel comfortable all day long. But it looks great only when you wear it with complete accessories. Do you know that the “Kilt Jackets” are the perfect companion of your highland dress?

But it is not easy to choose a doublet to wear with a kilt when there are various kinds available out there. How to choose? Do you know that kilt outfits are mainly distinguished by the style of doublet you wear with it? Most people choose Scottish kilt jackets on personal preference or according to the occasion.

Kilt Jacket Styles to polish off the look:

Your highland outfit is incomplete without a stylish doublet. Generally, the doublets are worn on very formal occasions. Be it a wedding, party, or highland games; you can rock your look by wearing a perfectly designed doublet with your favorite highland dress. Visit to choose a ready-to-wear or custom made doublet to look elegant at formal events.

Kilt jacket types:

If you are looking for some more formal jacket options, then here at The Scottish Kilt Collection, we have Prince Charlie, Argyle, and Tweed that can go with all of your favorite kilts. Each of our jackets is tailored to fit your unique measurement, so that can look great. Guess what the best part is? You will find all three formal doublet styles here in one place.

  • Prince Charlie kilt jacket

Let’s start with the most common choice, and that is the “Prince Charlie jacket.” It is the most formal style of the doublets. The prince Charlie doublets are traditionally worn with a bow tie and a winged collar shirt. This jacket is very traditional and is detailed with a lower cut waistcoat, satin lapels, and tails on the back.

Traditionally, it was worn with a waistcoat or a belt. Also, people used to wear diced socks and accessories with their highland dresses. Don’t forget to check the accessories that include sporrans, sgian dubh, and pins, etc. at

Prince Charlie is made from Barathea, which is a pure wool fabric. Usually, it is worn with a three-button waistcoat. Don’t forget that the coat must be matching. The jacket is heavily decorated, and so is the waistcoat. Since it is a formal doublet, it can be worn only at weddings and black tie events, etc. Prince Charlie is indeed a timeless and classic style designed to flatter any shape.

  • Argyle Jacket :

The next doublet on the list is the Argyle jacket, which is less formal than Prince Charlie. But you can wear it on both semi-formal and formal occasions. It is shorter than a regular jacket and has pocket flaps with three buttons and gauntlet cuffs with three buttons. Thought it is perfect for social and business events, it is not too formal. It is made from top quality Barathea. It features a single button on the front and cloth epaulets, which gives it a perfect look for semi-formal and formal occasions.

It was originally made to be a formal doublet, but you can wear it at:

  • Weddings
  • Dinners
  • Dances
  • Graduations
  • Highland games

Also, you can wear it as a general day to day wear as well. Usually, it is worn with a regular necktie and a standard collar shirt. As far as wearing the vest is concerned, it depends on your choice and occasion. Wear it with a high fastening five buttons waistcoat with a more formal look.

  • Tweed Jacket :

If you are looking for something semiformal to wear with your highland dress, then what can be better than a tweed jacket? Tweeds are so versatile that they can be used for a wide range of styles. Check our website and get the finest quality tweed kilt jacket and waistcoat perfect for the day on the river or hilltop. At Scottish Kilt Collection, you would be able to get the perfect sized tweed at a fair price. So, why to wait for? Place an order now and grab your size!

  • The Sheriffmuir Jacket :

The Sheriffmuir was the most formal jacket one could wear on formal occasions. It is made to wear doublet based on an old fashioned design. Typically, it was worn without a waistcoat. It was worn with a leather belt and a jabot. The gauntlet cuff sleeves and braided epaulets give it a classic look. It also features Inverness flaps with the buttons on the back and sides. The Sheriffmuir doublet is perfect for the balls, black tie events, dinners, weddings, and graduations.

Kilt jacket etiquettes:

Whether it is your graduation or you are going to be the perfect guest at the wedding of your loved one, make sure you know the etiquettes to wear a kilt jacket. You do not want to ruin your special day so, choose the right doublet type. Doublets and jackets with a kilt are usually worn in the evening. But make sure that you have chosen the correct type of jacket that goes well with the kilt you are going to wear. Usually, doublets are worn according to the occasion and preference.

Kilt jacket and waistcoat:

Doublets have become a quick favorite for many. Is it necessary to wear a waistcoat with a kilt jacket? Well, it depends on the type of doublet you are wearing. Most jackets are worn with the waistcoats. The doublets should be left open to show the buttons on the waistcoat. There are styles of vests available to be worn with doublets out there. Check our pages where we have the best kilt jackets for sale.

What are you waiting for?

Your big day is coming, or you are looking for something stylish to be worn at the ball dance? The Scottish Kilt Collection has everything from the tartans and jackets to the sporrans and other accessories. Choose a tartan, pick a perfectly stitched jacket, and place an order so that you can rock your highland dress. You will get a perfect sized highland dress at a reasonable rate.