Appealing Women’s Tartan Kilt Perfect For Every Occasion

Scotland is famous for its culture that possesses a unique style of dress. Kilts have been a part of Scottish heritage for centuries. These are the items of apparel that never go out of fashion even after centuries. They have evolved with time, and now women also wear the highland dress to don their Celtic culture and heritage. Women’s tartan kilt is a smart, classy, and super comfortable piece of garment. It is perfect for every occasion, be it a party, work or a day out with friends.

Women’s tartan kilts- turn heads and get noticed:

Who says women cannot wear the highland dress? In fact, they look great in kilted skirts. If you want to turn heads and get compliments at some event, then what can be better than wearing a tartan kilt. Tartan is a patterned cloth consisting of vertical and horizontal stripes in different colors. They were originated in highland. Scottish people used to wear tartan to represent their clan.

People still wear this fantastic garment to show their love and connection to their Scottish culture. But not every tartan is linked to a family. There are a few universal tartans as well that can be worn by anyone at any time. As a matter of fact, there are no restrictions on wearing tartan, and anyone can wear almost every tartan. However, some patterns are restricted as they are reserved for the royal family.

Product description:

Women are wearing tartan kilts for centuries. These are the garments that have stayed stylish even after years and are an essential part of today’s modern culture too. Traditional tartan kilts for women are available in 100% wool and acrylic material. Each and every kilt at our online store is completely made to measure and sewed specifically to fit a female body perfectly.

Scottish tartan kilts for ladies look exceptional and are comfortable too. These are made as per the modern-day requirement so you can wear them on any occasion. So, if you want to look elegant in this handsome outfit, visit and choose an exceptional kilt.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from both acrylic and 100% wool material
  • Made to measure
  • Perfect for all occasion
  • Designed to fit a woman’s body perfectly
  • Customization can be requested
  • Available in all sizes

Black Stewart tartan kilt:

Looking for something pure traditional to wear than black Stewart tartan kilt is perfect for you. It is made from 100% wool and acrylic wool. Cotton lining on the kilt makes it comfortable to wear all day long and prevents rashes. It features leather straps for perfect adjustment. Pleats are sewn deep inside for full swing. The edges are not finished for a pure traditional look. The front of this traditional highland dress is quite simple. To preserve the pure traditional essence, no modern buckles, and straps, etc. are attached to it.

8-yard tartan kilt Scottish women kilt:

A traditional 8-yard kilt is conventionally worn by men. But if a woman wants to rock it, there is no problem at all. 8-yard tartan kilt for women is made from 100% wool or 12oz of acrylic wool. To prevent rashes, the cotton lining is used. It has leather straps so that you can adjust it according to your waist. If you want to wear a traditional Scottish tartan, then an 8-yard tartan kilt is the right choice.

Blackwatch women tartan kilt:

Made from traditional Scottish black watch tartan, it is a perfect kilt that you can wear on both formal and casual occasions. It features leather straps on the side of the kilt to make sure that it fits your waist perfectly. The front of this amazing highland dress is simple, and nothing is attached to give it a stylish look. The pleats are sewn deep. However, you can ask for changes in pleats as per your choice.

Buchanan tartan kilt:

It is made from traditional Scottish Buchanan tartan kilt for women and perfect for both formal and informal occasions. It has one buckle and a leather strap on each side so that you can adjust it according to your waist size. The front of the kilt is simple, and there is no decorative stuff used at the apron. Pleats are sewn 2.5 inches deep for swing. At Scottish Kilt Collection, we have made it available at an affordable rate so that everyone can buy it. Check out our collection and choose a kilt to don your culture and heritage.

Tartan hybrid utility kilt:

It is a utility kilt that has a laced apron to give it a stylish look. It features a flap pocket on the side and small hidden pockets on the back of the kilt. The pockets are decorated with black buttons. Stylish belt holders look great. It also has stylish straps with chrome buckles that make it a beautiful piece of garment to wear. Straps are made from 100% genuine leather.

Women’s kilted tartan kilt for sale:

A kilt is a beautiful piece of garment that stood the test of time and never went out of style. It is a garment that can be worn by both men and women. If you are confused about what to wear on the upcoming event, check out our amazing highland dress collection and choose one to rock your look. Tartan kilts look stunning and make you feel comfortable all day long.

But is a tartan just a kilt? Well, a tartan kilt is different than a skirt. The wrapping style, amount of fabric used, pleats, and adjustable buckles everything makes a tartan kilt different than a skirt. Keep one thing in mind that without a sporran kilt is considered a skirt.

Browse our pages to find a complete highland attire to look perfect. Each kilt at our store is made from high-quality materials, and the price is fair too. You can ask for custom changes in the kilts also. We try our best to provide support to the customers. So, without thinking much, grab your favorite tartan and be unique and stylish at the same time.