Wear Sporrans To Complement The Formality Of The Highland Dress

What is a kilt ? Why is it becoming increasingly popular? Is it necessary to wear the highland dress with all the accessories, including pins, sporrans, belts, hose, brogues, and Sgian Dubh, etc.?

Scotland is famous for its traditional highland dress. Scots wear it with pride and honor for their Celtic culture. A kilt is a piece of clothing that was uniquely suited to the practical needs of highlanders. The kilts are recognized around the world as a symbol of Scotland. The knee-length skirt-like garment is worn at highland games and formal occasions. You might have seen people using kilts as day to day wear too.

Not only Scots but people all around the world wear a highland dress.

Scottish Sporrans- to make a statement:

Kilts are cool, comfortable, and exotic, aren’t they? If you have decided to wear this fantastic attire at some formal occasion, then wear it with complete accessories. A sporran is a part of a traditional Scottish male kilt dress. It is a small pouch that comfortably sits on the waist of the wearer. As far as the history of these Scottish pouches is concerned, they were derived around the 14th century. These pouches are not necessarily worn only at formal events. Since not all kilts have pockets so you can wear them on semi-formal occasions too.

There are three types of sporrans:

  • Full dress sporran
  • Semi-dress sporran
  • Informal day wear a sporran

Full dress Scottish pouches are worn with formal attire. These look great with a Prince Charlie jacket. It is perfect for a wedding or any other formal occasion. Semi-formal pouches are perfect for most occasions, while as informal day wear pouches can be worn even with your day to day dress. These highland pouches are available in different styles and designs at The Scottish Kilt Collection, so don’t forget to check our collection.

Product description:

A sporran is an essential part of a male Scottish dress and performs the same function as pockets. It is worn with a leather strap or chain around the waist. Do you know that you can freshen up your kilt outfit by wearing a stylish sporran?

The sporran you select depends on the outfit you have chosen, the event you are going to attend, and your personal preference. Full-dress sporrans are made from fur and are the largest style of sporran so that you can carry different things along. They feature fur fronts, 3-6 decorated fur tassels, and a fur gusset.

You are looking for something less formal to wear with Braemar, then what can be better than semi-formal sporran. It is also made from a fur front and features three decorated fur tassels, a leather flap at the top, and a leather gusset.

You want something casual; then day sporran is a perfect choice. It features a leather front, leather gusset, leather tassels, and leather flap. Pleated leather straps hold the tassels in their place. Scottish design embossed on the front of the pouch gives it a more traditional yet elegant look.

Celtic embossed leather sporran:

No matter you are going to wear it at highland games or a party Celtic embossed leather pouch will compliment your highland dress. It is made from quality leather so that it lasts longer. It features a pin lock system for closing. Available in black color, the Celtic design is embossed on the pouch front that gives it a decent look. It comes with an adjustable belt and a chain too so that you can wear it perfectly around your waist.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from genuine leather
  • Three tassels at the front
  • Pin with chain for fastening
  • Leather strap and chain

Rabbit fur sporran Scottish:

For the highland dress lovers, we at The Scottish Kilt Collection have rabbit fur sporran made from original rabbit fur. The Celtic pleated die makes it a perfect choice for Celtic culture admirers. There are five large tassels on the front of the pouch attached to the silver chain. It is perfect to be worn on formal occasions such as a wedding, highland games, and graduation, etc. It is available in both white and black colors so without wasting much time place an order now at Scottishkiltcollection.com

Boys Celtic embossed kilt sporran:

It is a pouch that features Celtic knot embossing. There are two leather tassels on the pouch front. It comes with an adjustable belt so that you can wrap it around the waist easily. It is for the lads, so if you want to teach your kids about the Celtic culture, then it is the best choice.

Black and white rabbit fur sporran:

Black and white is the best combination when it comes to formal events. If you want to rock your highland dress, then choose this black and white rabbit fur pouch. It is made with the rabbit fur on black leather. It features a leather targe on the front and three tassels attached to the silver chain. The chrome cantle top gives it a stylish and elegant look. To close the pouch, it features a convenient snap closure.

Black bovine premium fur sporran:

Another sporran available in black color that would complement your kilt outfit is black bovine premium fur sporran. It features crossed chrome chains and a studded embossed design that gives it a perfect look. It is made from premium leather as we do not compromise on the leather quality whatsoever.

Kilt sporrans for sale:

Highland dress is popular not only in Scotland but all over the world. People wear this manly garment at weddings, balls, graduations, funerals, dances, highland games, and sports events, etc. Also, it is used as a uniform in many counties.

No matter you are wearing it at a formal or informal occasion, wear it with all the accessories to stand out from the crowd. Visit Scottishkiltcollection.com to check our collection of kilt accessories that include pins, sporrans, hose, and brogues, etc. Everything at our store is available at a fair price. So, check it out and place it and order to look different yet stunning.

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