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Mens Kilts; The Groom’s Choice For The Big Day

Your big day is fast approaching, and you are already in the process of planning your big day. A wedding is indeed a special day in everyone’s life. As a matter of fact, it is the occasion where you need to get everything right. Is wearing men’s kilts on your special day a good idea? Picking the right kilt outfit for your wedding can be difficult. Should I even wear a kilt at my wedding? What doublet should I wear with it? Do I need to wear it with complete accessories? All these questions pop up in the groom’s mind while choosing the kilt outfit at his wedding.

To make things easy for you, here is a complete guide on how to choose a perfect kilt outfit for the wedding.

Mens Kilts- a symbol of honor:

Apparently, a kilt is a knee-length garment with the pleats at the back. It was worn by those who lived in the Scottish highlands. Scottish people still wear this garment to showcase pride for their Celtic culture. It is a symbol of honor for the clan they belong to.

The kilt is the national dress of highland and is becoming popular all over the world. If you are planning to wear the perfect kilt attire at your wedding, then make sure you know the etiquettes to wear it. Choosing a kilt outfit for the wedding is not that easy. Just like choosing a tuxedo or suit, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider.

How to pick the right kilt outfit?

You want to make your wedding day even more special then what can be better than surprising your fiancé by wearing a Scottish kilt outfit. But the first thing you need to determine is how formal the wedding is going to be. If it is a wedding where you will be in attendance at, check the invitation or ask anyone at the party about the formality of the event.

If the event is in the evening, then it is going to be formal. But it is better to check what the invitation says.

Kilt outfit for a formal wedding:

Start with the tartan, which is an essential piece of attire. It is a patterned cloth that consists of crisscrossed vertical and horizontal stripes in multiple colors. What tartan should I choose for my wedding? The obvious choice is your family tartan. You should wear a tartan that represents your clan. Your family name does not have a tartan because you do not belong to Scotland, then don’t worry! Still, you can rock a kilt at your wedding.

Are you bored of wearing a suit or tuxedo at formal events? You want to do something different at the wedding. If the wedding is going to be traditional and formal, then nothing is better than wearing a Prince Charlie outfit. Prince Charlie jacket is considered the tuxedo of the kilt outfit. It is a formal black-tie highland dress that hangs low at the back. It is a doublet that has three buttons on either side and three buttons on the sleeves. It comes with a matching three buttons waistcoat.

  • Accessories you can wear with it:

What accessories can you wear with the Prince Charlie outfit? The most visible accessory you wear with a Prince Charlie jacket is the sporran. Wear a sporran that has a metal top and fur. It elevates the outfit and allows you to store stuff like mobile and wallet etc.

Your highland dress is incomplete without a set of smart brogues. You can wear buckle brogues or ghillie brogues under the prince Charlie doublet. Don’t forget to wear flashes. Kilt flashes are decorative pieces of fabric that are attached to the top of your hose. To personalize your outfit, you can wear a kilt pin too.

No matter you are the groom, groom’s father, or the best man at the wedding, give your dress a final touch by wearing the fly plaid. It is the piece of cloth that is attached to the jacket at the front. It is draped over the shoulder and gives a perfect look to your outfit. It is not mandatory to wear fly plaids, but when you wear them, you look stunning.

A small knife is also tucked into the hose. It is called sign dubh. Remember that only the handle of the sign dubh should be visible.

Kilt outfit for a semi-formal wedding:

If you do not want to wear the Prince Charlie jacket, then an argyle jacket can be a perfect choice. It is less formal than the Prince Charlie jacket. It comes with a five-button waistcoat and is perfect for semi-formal occasions. If you are going to attend the wedding of your friend then wearing the argyle jacket is the right choice.

Choose an outfit of your choice:

No matter you are buying a kilt for your own wedding or someone else’s, you need to give it a thought before buying it. If you want a formal doublet with the kilt, then Prince Charlie is the right option. It usually comes in black, but you can get it in other colors too. No matter what color you choose, make sure you wear it with respect as it is the national costume of Scotland.

Summing up:

Choosing a kilt outfit for the wedding is a daunting task. Should you buy a kilt or hire one? It depends on your personal preference and budget. If you want to be in a made to measure kilt, then purchase it. You do not want to see yourself on your special day in a kilt worn by many. So hiring it would not be a great idea.

Men’s kilts come in different styles and designs. These are tailored keeping modern trends in mind. So, choose your tartan, select a doublet, and wear it with complete accessories to look distinctive on your wedding day. It is a great way to pay homage to your Scottish heritage. Don’t worry! You would feel comfortable all day long while wearing the highland dress.

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