Hussar is a light cavalry battalion that dresses up in a model uniform. Here we will discuss hussar jackets that are worn these days. The hussar jacket is now part of modern-day kilted apparel. I will also discuss the frequently asked questions and the best place to purchase high-quality jackets in the lowest budget.

What is a Prussian Hussar Jacket?

Now that we have sourced the exact meaning of hussar, it is time to quote an in-depth analysis of Hussar Jacket. The jacket started off as part of the uniform of the Hungarian Hussar. Due to its beautiful color composition and pattern, the apparel became a fashion statement. By far, you must have seen many celebrities wearing the jacket as part of their outfit. It is a medium-length coat that is usually worn on semi-formal and casual occasions. The front side of the jacket is filled with bright golden-colored bold embroidery with gold buttons. Most of the designs contain braiding embroidery in apparel. Its color is embroidery varies from ale golden to bright golden as it defines the culture and heritage of Europe.

Modern Hussar Jacket buying guide:

To buy the right size of the jacket, it is essential to keep in mind the following aspects:


Lift your arm and wrap the measurement tape around the chest. Do not tighten the tape or loosen it, as it can mess up the exact measurement.


Wrap the tape around your naval region and mark the measurement. It is advised to put on a well-fitted suit beforehand.


Before marking the measurements, it is advised to wear a jacket and measure from one end of the shoulder to the other.

Sleeve length

Put one end of the measuring tape on your shoulder and the other one on your wrist. Mark the reading and select wisely.

What does a Pelisse look like?

Hussar Jackets are formally known as Pelisse in the Celtic Culture. Pelisse is a piece of apparel made from various materials such as cotton, wool, and silk. Back in the old days, the Pelisse was worn on one shoulder by the soldiers.

What is a Pelisse robe?

Pelisse is also a women’s attire, and history backs it up with various facts. In the early 19th century, European women find military clothing very fascinating. The first type of Pelisse was worn between 1800 and 1850. It came in unique colors such as green, blue, and golden brown. Besides that, the robe composes of lutestrings lined with light-colored sarsenet. It contains long sleeves that end with ermine. The apparel came into fashion by 1830 all over Europe. Due to the vast sleeves of the dress, women were unable to wear a coat or shawl over the dress. Therefore, the pelisse dress was unwearable in the cold weather. Later in years, the fashion changed drastically and adjusted according to the dress shape, making it easy for the women to wear Pelisse even in winters.

What is Hussar Dolman Jacket?

It is a small jacket with a vibrant color embroidery that hussar military men wear on their shoulders. It is still available in the market in varied sizes. There are several resources you can access for purchasing the jacket. It is usually worn over the shoulders. The embroidery is done in a square pattern on the front of the jacket. For tying, large buttons have adhered on the front tied with the knots made from the embroidery.

Do ladies also wear hussar jackets?

Yes, it is also called a ladies’ military jacket. Back in the old days, the jacket was only worn in by men. However, as times have changed, the hussar military jackets are well-adapted by women too. The elegant building of the jacket makes it perfect apparel for the ladies. There are various sizes and shapes of the hussar jacket is available for the ladies when it comes to the hussar jacket. It is also called a ladies’ military jacket.

What is the difference between a spencer and a pelisse?

It is a short form of jacket containing long sleeves and a high neckline for a spencer. However, Pelisse is a coat r an overgarment made in the shape of a dress. Women wear Pelisse over their gowns, whereas men wear it over shirts. Due to its casual look, Pelisse is primarily worn in the white tie events. Pelisse contains beautiful embellishing embroider, whereas the Spence is plain.

What are pelisses made of?

Several materials are used in the making of a pelisse. For instance, silk, wool, and cotton. The tailor adds fur on some coat areas like cuffs, center front edge, and collar. The regions where the hussar jacket is worn are very cold; therefore, fur is used in the formation to remain warm and comfortable.

What is the cost of Hussar Military Jacket?

The cost of a hussar jacket varies from store to store. On average, you can find a hussar jacket men price range to lie between $100 and $350. The most expensive ones are highly customized and are made from premium fabric and fur. On the other hand, the less costly ones do not last long and might be worn out easily. In hussar jackets, category military jackets are expensive than others due to their unique build and high durability.

Where to buy the vintage Hussar Jacket?

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    • The measurements in the size guide (last picture) are of the actual jacket – it’s normally recommended to order a jacket approximately 4″ larger around the chest than your actual body measurements
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    1-2 weeks required for making
    Sizing Required: (Inches/Centimeters)
    b)shoulder width
    c)around the shoulder
    f)sleeves length
    g)back length
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