Wedding kilts for men to glorify their best day

Wedding Kilts; The Perfect Outfit For Your Big Day

Wedding kilts are perfect to wear at the charming celebration of your wedding.

Your wedding dress serves as a reminder of your special day.

A wedding is the day of your dreams when you tie the knots with your better half. When you envisage a marriage, it is the dress that takes center stage, and couples spend a lot of time and money finding their perfect wedding dress.

The day of your dreams (wedding) is drawing near, and you want to wear something that could make you feel proud of your Scottish heritage then what can be better than wearing a kilt outfit.

Wedding kilts for men to glorify their best day:

No matter you are groom, the best man or guest at a wedding, you want to look perfect. The pressure to look stunning increases when you are the groom. Scottish kilts are the right option if you want to steal the show. A kilt is a knee-length skirt-like garment that has been worn by highlanders for centuries. It is the national garb of Scotland, so it is sacred for them. Scots wear it to showcase their Celtic culture and Scottish heritage.

You have never donned a kilt before? No problem! Your wedding is the perfect occasion to wear the highland dress with pride and honor.

Choose a traditional look:

Choosing a kilt to wear on your big day is not easy whatsoever, especially when you have numerous options to choose from. If you want to showcase your Scottish culture at your wedding, then choose a traditional look. Since every tartan represents a clan, so pick one that represents your family lineage. Your kilt outfit is incomplete without traditional kilt accessories. Visit to purchase complete highland attire for your big day.

Choose a heritage look:

It is not easy to choose a kilt outfit, as already stated above. If you want to choose a heritage look, then go for it. You do not have any connections with Scotland or Ireland, but still, you want to rock a kilt at your wedding, then you can choose a tartan that does not acknowledge a specific clan.

Choose a modern look:

Sometimes you do not want anything traditional. If you want to go for a modern look on your special day, then don’t worry. There are numerous stylish kilts available at The Scottish Kilt Collection. Browse our pages and find the perfect highland garment for your wedding.

What to wear with a kilt at your wedding?

Whether you are attending a wedding or you are the groom, a kilt makes you look adorable. Kilts come with the cargo pockets so that you can keep items safe. You can choose any tartan to wear on the big day. Even if you are a non-scot, you can pick a universal tartan to wear. What to wear with a kilt? What kilt jacket would go well with the tartan you have picked? Do I need to wear any accessories too? Well, these are the questions that pop up in mind right after picking a kilt.

Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat:

You need to wear a jacket to get a formal look at the wedding. But what doublet should I choose? Should I pick a Sheriffmuir, tweed kilt jacket, or Argyll kilt jacket? How about wearing the prince Charlie jacket? The choice of a doublet depends on the event you are going to attend and your personal preference.

Prince Charlie is the most formal doublet as it mimics tuxedo. Nothing can be better than wearing a prince Charlie doublet and a waistcoat with your favorite highland kilt. It is made from high-quality Barathea wool. It has decorative buttons on both sleeves and the front. Prince Charlie doublet is not fastened. It is worn with a three-button vest that complements the entire look.

  • Sporran:

You are going to rock a Scottish look at your wedding, and it is impossible without a sporran. Elevate your outfit by picking a perfect sporran. A sporran is a pouch that Scottish men carry around their waist. With a prince Charlie doublet, you should choose a sporran with a cantle and fur body.

  • Footwear:

No matter what the occasion is, your look is not complete without a nice pair of shoes. But you need to be careful while choosing shoes to wear beneath the kilt. Buy a nice pair of brogues to wear them over a set of hose. Ghillie brogues look perfect with a kilt, but you can buckle brogues too.

  • Sgian Dubh:

To get a traditional Scottish look, you need to tuck sgian dubh into your hose. Sgian dubh is a small knife that is tucked into the hose. Make sure that you pick a knife that goes well with your Prince Charlie outfit. Remember that only the handle of the knife should be visible.

  • Other accessories:

You can wear kilt flashes too. These are the small pieces of fabric attached to the hose top. They hold up the hose and look stunning as well. Also, you should wear kilt pins to add decoration to your kilt.

Prince Charlie is not my taste, then what can I wear? Don’t worry; there are several types of doublets available out there. You can wear an Argyll kilt outfit at your wedding. Argyll jacket has decorative buttons on the sleeves, and there is only one button at the front. It is worn with a five-button vest.

Wedding kilts for sale:

A wedding is a big day in everyone’s life, and wearing the highland dress can make it even more special. At The Scottish Kilt Collection, we have a huge variety of kilt outfits and kilt accessories to be worn at the wedding to make it extraordinary. Everything we offer is available at an affordable rate. Our experts are professional and take every step possible to provide you with quality products.

So, it is time to steal the show and look stunning at the wedding by wearing Scottish attire.

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