How to measure a Scottish kilt

How to measure a Scottish kilt

Before purchasing a kilt, it is of utmost importance that you measure your exact size before placing the order. In this article, we will be talking about how to measure a Scottish Kilt? Although most kilts have a standard size, it is highly advised that you measure out all the requirements before selecting the desired kilted skirt.

How do you measure a kilted skirt?

If you want to get your hands on the best looking and excellent fitting kilt, then here is a kilt measuring guide:


As half the waist is covered with the kilt, it is one of the most important measurements that we take. The size is taken on the waist around the belly button region. Be in a comfortable position for this measurement otherwise; the dress would be either too loose or too tight.

The kilt length:

Once the accurate size of the waist is taken, the next measurement is the kilt drop. Bring the tape 4 inches to the side of the belly button and mark it till the middle of the knee.

Length of the Arm

Wear a well-fitted jacket and initiate taking the size form the middle of the shoulder seam downwards to just below the bone of the wrist.

Size of the chest

Though this measurement is not specifically for the kilted skirt, it is for the jacket and waistcoat that is worn as part of the traditional Scottish dress. Wrap the tape around your back just below the armpit region and mark the exact size of the chest.

Size of the collar:

Loosely adjust the measuring tape around the neck and jot down the reading. Ideally, while taking the reading, a person should be able to adjust two fingers between the wrapped around the tape and neck of the person whose measurements are taken.


Height is one of the critical factors for making sure that the traditional kilt outfit looks fabulous on the person. Height is an overall measurement that is used for the analysis of different apparel associated with the kilted skirt.

What length should a kilt be?

The kilt height is usually taken as one-third of the overall height of the person who is interested in wearing it. For example, if a 6 feet man wants a customize kilt, one-third of his height is about 24 inches. Thus, this size of the skirt will look exceptional on him.

How many yards do I need for a Scottish Kilt?

Typically, a tailor would need about 8 yards of fabric for making the classic Scottish kilt. It is regardless of the number of pleats and depth of pleats. If a person has a large waist, the tailor might require nine yards of fabric.

Final Words

Scottish kilts have been serving as an excellent fashion statement from a few years. In this article, we have shared how to measure a Scottish kilt. The size reading is done with tape. The measurements are of utmost importance if you want to get your hands on the perfect fitting kilt.

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