A detailed guide of Celtic Harp

Harp is a melodic instrument consisting of a frame that supports series of parallel strings. The instrument makes a sound as the player touches the lines of the Harp. The melodic sound of the Harp takes you to different places while offering a soothing tune. Usually, Harp is played during the wedding and another black-tie ceremony. We have answered some FAQ regarding the Harp. Besides that, we will also discuss the best places to purchase the Harp.

How much does a harp cost?

There are different levels of Harp. The price varies according to the complexity and strings of the instrument. The Harp for beginners lies in the range of $2500 to $5000, whereas more advanced Harp models are $15,000 to $20,000.

Why are harps so expensive?

For all those who think that the price of the Harp is a lot, keep in mind Harp needs a lot of manual work and consideration to make. Due to the increased cost of making Harp, the manufacturer keeps the price higher than the other instruments found in the industry. However, the creators of the Harp still cost you lesser as they pay much more hard work in the making. The same strategy goes for piano and other mainstream musical instruments.

Why is Ireland’s symbol a harp?

The Harp was adopted as the sign of Ireland back in 1541. Back in that time, the country recently received a private coinage, and it featured a harp topped with a crown. Since the 13th century, Harp is considered as the heraldic symbol that represents Ireland.

What is Harp in the military?

Harp in the military holds an entirely different meaning; it is a method that ensures missile projection using large-sized guns. It is not a word rather an abbreviation for a military label. According to the military, HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

What is an Irish harp called?

The Irish Harp is formally known as Celtic Harp due to its strong link with the Celtic traditions. In the native language, the Harp is known as Clairseach. In the Scottish language, the spelling slightly differs; however, it is called the same.

How many strings does a harp have?

A classic harp contains 47 strings. However, the newer versions of Harp have a varied number of strings. The size also different when the classic form of Harp is compared with the modern Harp. Here we will also discuss different types of harps.

Types of Harp

Following are a few types of Harp that you can find in the market:

The Lever Harp

A pedal harp contains 34 strings. On top of each string, there is a liver attached. This type of Harp allows the player to play two different notes on every string. To reach the levers, one must use their hands. It is a rather complicated form of Harp as you rely on your hands to both plays the notes and adjust them. Therefore, the room for mistakes is larger in this Harp.

The Celtic Harp

The Celtic Harp contains 22 to 38 strings. As the name suggests, the Harp originated from the highlands of Scotland. The octave of Celtic Harp ranges between 2 and 6 octaves and is known for its varied nature. The smaller Celtic Harp can be adjusted on lap and contains 22 strings. On the other hand, the bigger floor harp contains 38 strings.

The Pedal Harp.

A classic pedal harp contains 46 and 47 strings. There are seven pedals at the bottom of this Harp. The notes can be adjusted using one foot. Each pedal comes with three distinct positions that increase the range of the note player by the player. As the pedals are adjusted via foot, the chances of mistakes lower down and give the artist a more creative way.

The Electric Harp

The electric Harp is the newer version of the lever harp. The range of string lies between 40 to 47. Unlike the classic version, this Harp has a solid body. Another extension of the electric Harp is native American harps known for their bass sound and nylon strings. The string count of native American Harp is between 32 to 36.

The Multi-course harps.

It has more than one row of string (just as the name implied. Usually, there are two rows in these harps. However, some can come in three rows. In the two-course Harp, the strings run down from the neck on both sides. The double Harp contains 23 strings on each side.

The lyre Harp.

It contains 7 to 16 strings. The Harp had a major role in the world of music back in ancient Greece and Rome. The people of that time called it the Instrument of God. In the Mycenean Civilization, the lyre harp contains four strings. Besides that, several archeological reasons back up lyre harp to be present in many civilizations.

What is Harp String made from?

As strings are the most important aspect of a harp, one must know the types of string that a harp is made from:


The Nylon string is usually made from either monofilament or nylon wrapped filament. The strings made from monofilament make a warm and clear sound. They are also not sensitive to humidity. On the other hand, the nylon-wrapped filament string is more sensitive to humidity and produces a bright and warm sound. Moreover, as nylon is a synthetic material, the Harp containing such strings lasts longer than others on the list.

Cat Gut

This kind of string is usually made from an animal’s gut. There are two subtypes of guts, i.e., concert gut and lever gut. The lever gut is lighter and softer in tension compared to the concert gut. It produces better sound and offers rest to the hands of the player. On the other hand, the concert is usually used in pedal harps. It is strong and produces a warm tone. These strings offer firm tension and give a tough tie to the hands of the player.

Unlike the Nylon strings, the gut strings are extremely sensitive to humidity. It requires the player to tune their Harp continually. As the gut is a natural element, it is not as sturdy as the nylon string. Besides that, the sound produced by the gut strings is more melodic than the nylon strings.

Harp buying guide.

Purchasing a harp can become a daunting experience if one does not know much about it. Here are some factors to keep in mind before making the big purchase of the Harp.


Budget is the most important aspect when it comes to purchasing the instrument. The product usually comes on sale at the end and mid of the year on various online resources. If you are a beginner, purchase a low-key harp with a lesser number of strings. However, if you are professional, then go for a more complex instrument with more strings.  Beginners are not advised to invest a lot of money in the product as there is a chance that they might lose interest in it.

Type of Harp

We have sourced, and each type of Harp found in the market. The level of professionalism also differs for each Harp. Before putting your hand on a certain type, make sure that you are fully expert or learning that Harp. Check the instrument properly and play a demo as one cannot get an expert in every form of Harp. In short, he varies the type of Harp you want as the wrong Harp can be troubling for you and a complete waste of money.


As the internet is full of con where the seller receives the amount of a harp and in return send a lousy or damaged product. As per my experience, the best place to purchase the Harp is through the Scottish kilt collection. The online shop has dispatched products to thousands of customers by far and has received excellent reviews from people residing all over the globe. The shop is perfect for looking for a Celtic harp as the shop specializes in selling Celtic outfits and accessories. When it comes to the price, it is also lesser than the market as the owners know the worth of your hard-earned money.


As mentioned before, strings hold a lot of importance when it comes to purchasing the Harp. Always go for the instrument type that you used while learning it. Besides that, keep in mind that the small harp is more complex in the learning process will be. If you want a longer-lasting product that offers a warmer tone sound with less bass, then go for a nylon string harp. On the other hand, if you want more bass and softer, warm tone sound, purchase the Harp that contains strings made from catgut. Therefore, be wise when purchasing the Harp as there are very intricate details that one must keep in mind; otherwise, it is all just a waste of money.


Harp is a musical instrument that produces tunes after the manipulation of strings, in the article, we have answered the question that needs answering before one purchase the harp. There are many types of harp present in the market and each comes with a unique set of features.


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