scottish kilt sporran

Scottish Kilt Sporran

As we all know that kilts are only perceived as a mini skirt if not worn with the sporrans. In short, sporrans and kilts always go hand in hand. In this article, we are going to quote an in-depth analysis of the Scottish Kilt sporran, their origination, and their significance. Keep reading the content as you will learn every detail you should know before placing the order of it. What is modern sporran? This accessory of the highland dress is a [...]

scottish kilt makers

Scottish Kilt Makers

The internet is filled up with the marketplace for kilts. Kilts are being produced by several countries. But the quality of Kilt differs for each Scottish Kiltmakers. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 kilt-makers in the online market place that produces top the notch Scottish wear. Why should one wear a kilt? The most important question that arises here is why one should wear a kilt. By now you might know what kilt is. It’s a [...]

authentic scottish kilt

Authentic Scottish Kilt

The internet is filled up with the marketplace for kilts. Kilts are being produced by several countries. But did you ever wish to wear the authentic Scottish kilt? Did you ever think that the kilts worn by the highlanders would be of any different than the kilts sold online? Read through the content and learn the difference between authentic and modern age Scottish kilts. What are the Scottish kilts? Kilts are a knee-length piece of clothing that resembles a mini skirt. [...]

irish kilt vs scottish kilt

Irish Kilts or Scottish Kilt which ones are better?

Although Kilts are associated with Scotland, Ireland also has its fair share of this tradition. Kilts are to this day still worn in both Scotland and Ireland. In this article, we are going to talk about the Irish kilt vs. Scottish kilt. No matter how many differences and similarities lie in the kilts of these countries one thing is evitable, that is the Kilts have been a symbol of pride and glory in both Ireland and Scotland. If you [...]

scottish kilt outfit

How does the Tradition Scottish Outfit look like?

Scottish kilt outfit holds a renowned position in the world of fashion.  There are several types of kilts available in the marketplace that caters to both formal and casual events well. Learn about the Scottish outfits that are worn to this day with great dignity and pride. There was a time when the kilts were confined to just Scotland and Ireland but now the piece of clothing has turned into a fashion statement and people all over the world [...]

Highlanders in Scotland

A brief description of the Highlanders in Scotland

Since the 12ths century families in Scotland have arranged into small networks known as clans. Scottish Highlands is the mountainous area situated in the northwest of the country. In other words, Highlanders in Scotland are the predecessor of Celts who shifted in the northern mainland of the country. In this article, you are going to learn everything about highlanders and their life in Scotland. Are there still highlanders in the country? Though Scotland has changed completely and the highlands were cleared [...]

traditional scottish clothing

Traditional Scottish clothing

Scottish natives are famous worldwide due to their unique sense of styling. Their clothes differ and possess a rich cultural background. Traditional Scottish clothing possesses tartan or patterns of ‘plaid’ in some form. So, if you are going to visit Scotland or if you are amazed by the rich traditional clothing of the native Scottish the keep on reading and learn it all. What is Tartan? It is important to know what Tartan is before getting started. So, Tartan is a [...]

scotland outfits

What are some Google Scotland outfits for both the genders?

Deciding what to wear in Scotland can be a tricky question. There are so many reasons as to why a person should think it through before deciding the Scotland outfits. The main reason behind it is that the weather is very tricky in the country. It is so unpredictable that you are confused about the clothing even hour by hour in a day. In this article, we are going to write about Scotland's outfits that men and women wear. These [...]

scottish clothing

All about the old-style Scottish clothing

The old-style Scottish clothing is characterized by the appearance of the plaid pattern or tartans. Tartan is generally known as the criss-cross pattern made but of vertical and horizontal bands. Tartan is available in several colors and is made out of woven clothing. But as time has passed by people have started mixing the cloth of tartan. The highland tartan used links with the regions and districts until the mid-19th century. The reason behind this is that tartan designs were [...]

traditional scottish dress female

How does the Traditional Scottish Dress look like?

Scottish women have always been known for their stylish and captivating traditional clothing. In this article, we're going to explore Traditional Scottish Dress for women, digging into Scotland's rich fashion history. We're not just talking about the clothes – we'll take you through the details that make these outfits special. From the carefully chosen fabrics used to make the dresses to the accessories worn by vintage Scottish women, each part of the outfit tells a unique story of culture and personal [...]