Highlanders in Scotland

A brief description of the Highlanders in Scotland

Since the 12ths century families in Scotland have arranged into small networks known as clans. Scottish Highlands is the mountainous area situated in the northwest of the country. In other words, Highlanders in Scotland are the predecessor of Celts who shifted in the northern mainland of the country. In this article, you are going to learn everything about highlanders and their life in Scotland.

Are there still highlanders in the country?

Though Scotland has changed completely and the highlands were cleared out with the highlanders evacuating the place. Now, most of the highlanders have been settled outside of Scotland and Highland has been sparsely populated.

What do the highlanders wear?

The highlanders of Scotland used to wear kilts. Kilts are a non-bifurcated short skirt that the Gaelic men and boys wore. The kilts are made with a woven cloth that has a criss-cross pattern commonly known as Tartan. The pleats are tailored at the back of Kilts. The Tartan and its colors were specified with the clans of the highland.

Do Clans still exist in Scotland?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether clans are still found in Scotland or is it history now. In Scotland, clans are still legally recognized groups. Each can is still represented by a Chief just like the old times.

Why did Highlanders wear kilts?

Kilts not only represent the clans of the Highlanders it was also a symbol of true honor in the old days. In other words, Kilts were treated more than a piece of clothing. Highlanders used to march a lot through the wetlands daily, this would drench their trousers. So for avoiding this issue, Scottish men started wearing Kilts.

What do Highlander women wear?

The females belonging to Highland Scotland did not wear the Kilts rather wear a long skirt with a Tartan pattern? Tartan skirts that women wore were ankle length. The shoes that the wear is called ghillies which are still available in the marketplace to this day

What are the accessories that the Highlanders have worn back then?

Accessories were as important as kilts for the highlanders. The popular accessories included sporran, black knife, a dirk belt, and a belt for the sword, a badge that represents the clan, a brooch, a Dirk, a hat, a belt, Garter, trew, and a hose.

Final words

The highlanders in Scotland have a precious place in history. The culture of that era is rich and is comprised of heritage clothing that is worn to this day. In the article, we have discussed a lot of the aspects regarding the highlanders of Scotland. Though they have dispersed these days and the highland is sparsely populated but the clothing legacy highlanders have left behind is the example in itself.

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