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How does the Traditional Scottish Dress look like?

Scottish women have stood out when it comes to fashion and beautiful clothes among many nations. In this article, we are going to talk about Traditional Scottish Dress Female. We are going to discuss everything about the dress like the kind of fabric used to tailor the dress to the accessories that the vintage women worn.


What does the ancient Scottish woman wear?

The traditional Scottish dress for women consists of Tartan Skirt, Tartan Sash, and Ghillies. Besides that, another 3 yards garment which was a must in the dress is known as Earasaid. It was a white plaid containing a few small stripes of blue, black, and red. The highland dress is categorized with Tartan. Their clothes include jacket, bodice, clan badges, and headwear too. Clan Tartan was the biggest part of the dress of Scottish women. Although traditional Scottish clothing varies for both men and women there are a lot of similarities in the highland dress for both the genders. Most women do not wear kilts but they do wear long skirts that go along the ankle length.

What are the features of the female highland dress?

Following are the features:

  • Made from undyed wool
  • Has stripes like pattern
  • The cloak like structure is fastened at the chest via a metal brooch
  • The plaid is very fine when it comes to women

How the women from medieval times dress the sashes?

Sashes were just not a piece of fabric used to wrap around, they used to define a women’s life. Here is how Scottish women used to dress:


The spouse of a clan or Head of a Scottish Troop would prefer wearing a wider sash. The shawl was worn on the left shoulder and secured with the help of a brooch.

Intertribal marriage

Scottish Women who marry out of their clan but wishes to use the original clan tartan they wear the sash from right shoulder and tied down at the bottom left side.

Country dancers

The old Scottish country dancers used to wear the sash at the back. The front side of the dress remains clear

What is an Aboynee dress?

It is also a traditional women’s tartan clothing. The attire is mostly worn by the Scottish dancers of the old times. The dress is composed of a Tartan skirt, a while colored blouse, and a waistcoat made of velvet. The sash is pinned at the back.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed the Traditional Scottish Dress Female. The dress was different from what they look like now but needs to be revived. In medieval times, women do not wear kilts rather they wear long skirts with Tartan patterns. The sash of the Scottish women defined them and their position in their tribe.

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