authentic scottish kilt

Authentic Scottish Kilt

The internet is filled up with the marketplace for kilts. Kilts are being produced by several countries. But did you ever wish to wear the authentic Scottish kilt? Did you ever think that the kilts worn by the highlanders would be of any different than the kilts sold online? Read through the content and learn the difference between authentic and modern age Scottish kilts.

What are the Scottish kilts?

Kilts are a knee-length piece of clothing that resembles a mini skirt. Kilts have been worn by the Scottish Male Highlanders. The Kilts have been in fashion to this day and each generation since the sixteenth century has worn the piece of dressing. Kilts have always been a piece of clothing that defines the pride and identity of a clan. These days this 8-yard clothing is worn by people globally.

Did all Scots wear kilts?

Yes, Kilts have been the heritage of Scotland since forever. To this day some men wear kilts on an occasional basis while the other wears it daily. Most men prefer wearing a kilt on wedding occasions. Regardless of nationality and descent, people still prefer wearing kilts.

How much is a Scottish Kilt?

As the fashion regarding the Kilts has extended the price range of kilts also varies. The clothes used for the production of Kilts are quite expensive which makes kilts a bit expensive too. Mostly Kilts are priced between $400 to $980 deepening upon the quality and density of the base fabric. Besides that, the detailing also defines the price of the kilt which means that the basic kilt prices lesser than the ones with more details.

How much Tartan do I need to make a kilt?

Usually, 8 yards of Tartan clothing is enough to make the traditional kilt but some people use 5 yards of clothing. When it comes to the double-width size 3 to 4 yards of the Tartan makes it for the perfect Kilt. The measurement varies for each person that is why it is advised to choose the Kilt after going through the measurement section as you can perfectly customize your Kilt as per your requirement.

What is the difference between a 5 yard and 8-yard kilt?

At this point, you might be scratching your head regarding the difference between the two kilts. The authentic Scottish Kilts were made with 8 yards of tartan. The 8-yard measurement gives fullness to the kilt while keeping it elegant and fashionable. The modern designs in Kilts on the other hand require a lesser fabric that means they can be tailored in a 5-yard cloth as well due to their minimal design.

Final Words:

The authentic Scottish Kilts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The Scottish man started wearing the Kits in the 16th century and ever since this clothing has become part of their heritage. People from the entire world want to purchase the kilt as it represents freedom, pride, and body confidence in people.

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