scottish kilt sporran

Scottish Kilt Sporran

As we all know that kilts are only perceived as a mini skirt if not worn with the sporrans. In short, sporrans and kilts always go hand in hand. In this article, we are going to quote an in-depth analysis of the Scottish Kilt sporran, their origination, and their significance. Keep reading the content as you will learn every detail you should know before placing the order of it.

What is modern sporran?

This accessory of the highland dress is a small pouch that hangs down the front. The sporrans are decorated with different ornaments. This little pouch is of extreme importance as it can hold a lot of stuff. Sporrans with the pocket less kilts are preferred. Besides that, sporrans differ for each event.

What is the origin of Sporrans?

The highlanders of Scotland started wearing sporrans in the 14th century when the kilt originated. The kilt was back then made up of either leather of skin (mostly calfskin or deerskin). They were used to carry coins by the Nobel highlanders back at that time. The traditional sporrans have a leather strap whereas; the modern sporrans have a lot of variations.

How to wear Sporrans?

Typically it is worn in the front of the kilts. The sporrans should be 4 to 5 inches above the bottom of the kilts and 3 fingers in width from the bottom of the waistcoat. Sporran comes with either a strap or a leather chain that tie at the back of the kilt.

The kilt should always align with the center of the sporran. If you are wearing a waistcoat and a tie, then it sporran must be aligned with it too.

How to choose the right Scottish Sporran?

When the highlander started wearing Sporrans, it was a basic utility sporran, with time the decorative ornaments added into it. Not just that the sporrans these days are made of a variety of fabric too. Here are three categories in which the modern-day Sporrans categorizes:

Sporran for full dress

The sporrans are only used on occasions. It looks perfect with the Prince Charlie kilt outfit. Full dress sporran is preferred at weddings. It contains about 3 to 6 fur tassels, a leather flap with a stud, and the clan badge.

Sporran for the Daywear

It is worn with the casual kilt outfits. The Scottish people prefer wearing it at rugby games or to the Highland matches. It is made out of leather and possesses 3 tassels. You can find a wide range of it online.

Semi-Dress Sporrans:

This sporran looks good on formal occasions. Mostly it is worn with the Argyl Kilts. It was created with the leather gusset and backing. The fastening and strap are made with leather material too.


Just like a kilt, the Scottish kilt sporran is of an utmost priority. The sporrans are worn initially in the fourteenth century at that period, the highlanders used to keep coins in them. With advancement, sporrans have categorized whereas, in the old days, only one form of the sporrans is worn.

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