traditional scottish clothing

Traditional Scottish clothing

Scottish natives are famous worldwide due to their unique sense of styling. Their clothes differ and possess a rich cultural background. Traditional Scottish clothing possesses tartan or patterns of ‘plaid’ in some form. So, if you are going to visit Scotland or if you are amazed by the rich traditional clothing of the native Scottish the keep on reading and learn it all.

What is Tartan?

It is important to know what Tartan is before getting started. So, Tartan is a criss-cross vertical and horizontal band pattern on clothes. The Tartan fabric comes in different colors. The fabric used for tartan is mostly woven clothing but now a different form of fabric is also used for the Tartan design.

What is Traditional Scottish clothing called?

The traditional Scottish wear knee-length skirt like clothes called as kilts. Along with kilt the traditional man also wears plaid; it’s rectangular clothing that is worn on the left shoulder.

Why does Scottish wear kilts?

Scottish wear kilts because it depicts the symbol of honor to the clan the person belongs. The kilts were worn by the Highlanders initially in Scotland. The Kilts back then was the best form of clothing for the Scottish army on the battlefield. Not only kilts were affordable but also provide the utmost comfort. Besides that, the Scotts wear kilts over the trousers because it was easier to carry and provide more comfort. Scottish man back then marches a lot through the wetlands which drench the trousers, so Kilts was a better alternative for them.

Are Kilts worn these days?

Yes, Scotts have carried on with their tradition till today. Kilts are worn by many people these days not just the locals of Scotland. These days Kilts comes with different styles and patterns worn by both males and females.

Is it ok for an Englishman to wear a kilt?

Kilts can be worn by anyone belonging to any nationality. Great numbers of tartans linked with history have are now referred to as universal which means everyone is allowed to wear the kilt regardless of the clan or the tradition of families.

Are Kilts formal or informal?

This is one of the most asked questions as people who are not affiliated with the Scottish heritage seem to be scratching their heads. Kilts were made to be worn on both formal and informal occasions. As the fashion regarding the kilts has extended, there are a variety of kilts available in the marketplace these days and possess different designs and fabric quality.

Final Words:

Traditional Scottish clothing is famous globally. Scottish people have a good aesthetic sense when it comes to their clothes. The traditional cloth possesses a tartan kilt and a plaid. The legacy of the kilt is worn to this day. The beautiful design of kilt lured people belonging to the other nationalities for wearing it and each year a great number of buyers purchase kilts.

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