What countries wear kilts?

What countries wear kilts?

Clothing acts as the factor when it comes to the expression of personality, culture, tradition, and background. In this article, we are going to talk about the highlander’s outfit that has to gain massive popularity all over the globe. Highlanders kilt are mostly known for the Kilts that is a knee-length short skirt-like piece of clothing.  Highlander were not the only people who wore this outfit; so, if you want to learn what countries wear kilts, then stay tuned and give this article a good read.

A decade ago, only Ireland and Scotland wore the Kilts. Now the world has adopted the latest trends of fashion kilts that are high in demand worldwide. Although kilts are part of the culture of both Ireland and Scotland, it can be worn by anyone without restriction.


Did the English wear Kilts?

When it comes to the British Isles, the Kilts are mostly affiliated with Scotland and scarcely with Ireland. However, the young British boys started wearing Kilts in the 1840s. The boys wear kilts as the dress garments.

Do the Irish wear, Kilts?

As mentioned earlier, Kilts are as much part of the Irish culture as it is of Scotland. Though Kilts arrived late in Ireland, both the countries have their fair share of this piece of clothing. Both Ireland and Scotland possess a rich Celtic heritage. A Kilt is thus a symbol of pride for Celtic culture. Both the countries prefer wearing the kilt however; there are several differences in them.

Who wore the Kilts first?

The people started wearing Kilts in 1538. Those people were Gaelic speaking Highlanders residing in Scotland. At first, Kilts tailored to be lengthy almost till the ankle, as the trends of fashion evolved, the kilts became shorter. The preferred length becomes to the knees. So, the ankle-length Kilts were worn by the Scottish people in the 18th century.

Why and when was Kilts banned in Scotland?

Back in the old days, Kilts were worn as the uniform in the battleground that gave the outfit a new symbol of Scottish descent. In the battle of Culloden, the Jacobites lost the rebellious war in the year 1746 that is when the kilts were banned by England. The kilts were banned for almost 26 years and were resumed with severe penalties. In the 19th century, the Royal Family accepted the Kilts to be a proper mode of dressing once again.

Final words:

If you like Kilts and are curious about its history then this article is the answer to your queries. We have thoroughly discussed what countries wear kilts and the significance of this outfit with a little back story. Kilt signifies pride for all those who are linked with the Celtic Heritage. The countries which wear Kilt as part of their tradition are Ireland and Scotland.

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  • Kevin M. Moore Reply

    Very interesting. I am of Irish Decent on both sides of me family from the mis 1840’s. I have a kilt and wear it on special occasions.

    February 2, 2023 at 4:11 pm

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