Irish Tartan Kilt

Irish Tartans As A Symbol Of Pride Of The Celtic Culture

Tartan kilts are associated and originate from Scotland. They are a symbol of pride and honor for Scottish people. In fact, the kilt is the national dress of Scotland. But what many people don’t know that kilts are long-established in Irish culture as well. A kilt is a vital part of Irish culture, and people in both countries wear kilts during formal occasions. They are worn to celebrate the Celtic heritage of both countries.

History of Irish tartan kilts:

Well, there is no evidence present in early Irish records that kilts were invented in Ireland. According to some historians, the idea of original Irish kilt came from Lein-Croich. There are stone carvings from the 11th century that have figures wearing the kilts. But the garment they are wearing is not classed as a kilt as it was worn as a tunic. Saffron kilt is a traditional Irish kilt that has a mustard yellow color and does not form a tartan. The design of these kilts is quite popular today.

Difference between Scottish and Irish kilt:

Both the countries are different and have left colorful marks on the pages of history. Irish and Scottish tartan kilts may seem similar at first glance. But both are not the same. There are three points that make an Irish kilt different from the Scottish kilt. Those points are:

  • Material from which a kilt is made
  • Accessories that are worn with a kilt
  • Style of the jacket

In Scotland, people wear kilts made from their family tartan while as Irish people wear a kilt in plain colors. They also wear a tartan that reflects the locality of their family origin. For those who don’t know, tartan is a pattern that consists of crisscrossed vertical and horizontal bands. It is interesting to know that tartan is mainly associated with Scottish culture and Scottish kilts always have tartan patterns. The Irish tartan was made to represent different Irish countries and districts.

Interesting fact: According to the information available on the internet, as of 2017there are around 25000 different tartans that exist.

Irish Kilt accessories:

Though there are a few differences in Irish and Scottish kilt, there are a few similarities as well. Let’s have a quick look at what is similar between Irish and Scottish kilts:

  • Sporrans:

When you decide to wear a kilt, make sure you wear a complete outfit. You should wear all the accessories’ to rock a kilt. The sporran is a bag or pocket attached to the front of a kilt. It is the most common accessory to be worn with both Scottish and Irish kilts. Well, there is no distinct difference between an Irish and Scottish sporran. Having said that Irish sporran includes a shamrock while as Scottish sporran may consist of a clan crest.

  • Crests:

When a Scottish wedding takes place, people pin clan crest onto the spouse’s tartan to indicate that they have been warmly accepted to the new family. Irish people also wear a crest, but the difference is that it tends to be shamrock pin.

  • Hats:

Scottish people do not wear hats nowadays but if they do Glengarry, which is a traditional hat that is worn with highland dress.

  • Jackets:

Both Irish and Scottish kilt wearers wear jackets. But it depends on the occasion. Scottish people often wear the Prince Charlie jacket with the kilt. Irish people Brian Boru jacket for formal occasions and opt for Kilkenny Jacket for informal occasions. It looks like a regular jacket but has ornate buttons.

  • Shoes and socks:

It is a tradition to wear full-length socks with both Irish and Scottish kilts. Irish military wears black socks with saffron kilts.

Can you wear a kilt if you are not an Irish?

Why not? Anyone can wear a kilt as it is one of the manly dresses available out there. Scottish tartan represents their clan, and Irish tartan represents the counties. But if you are neither a scot nor an Irish, still you can wear this gorgeous garment. But you need to rehearse before wearing it as it might be difficult for you to carry it.

Also, bear in mind that Scottish and Irish people wear it proudly as it represents the Celtic culture they share with each other so, be respectful when you wear it. At Scottish Kilt Collection you will find different types of tartan and kilts. The best part is that all the kilts are made of high-quality materials.

Do Irish people wear anything under a kilt?

You see a man wearing a kilt, what comes to your mind? Many people don’t pay attention to the tartan. They don’t think about the sporran, pins, jacket, or other accessories. The only thing that comes to their minds is, do they wear anything beneath a kilt. There is an inside joke between Scots and tourists that they don’t wear anything under a kilt. It is true.

Traditionally, men would not wear anything under a kilt, and many still don’t. But of course, people who wear a kilt in day to day life wear underwear beneath a kilt. Well, nobody wants to become a laughing stock, true? If you are wearing a kilt for the first time, then don’t forget to wear underwear.

Can kilts be worn at parties?

Kilts are a traditional dress. They have been used as military uniforms. With the passage of time, kilts became common, and people started wearing kilts in day to day life as well. Now kilts are worn at weddings, highland games, birthday parties and christens. You can wear kilts on any occasion but make sure you know how to carry a kilt without offending someone.

It is not surprising that Irish tartan/kilt has become so popular. It is a piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion. The kilts (Irish, Scottish) have stood the test of time and became a symbol of pride and celebration of Celtic culture. Kits are elegant, comfortable, and versatile.

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