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Things You Should Consider While Buying Utility Kilts

Purchasing a kilt is a very difficult task when you don’t know what type of kilt you should wear. Whether you should buy a leather kilt or utility kilts would be the right option? Always choose a highland dress according to the occasion and your personal choice.

Do you know that a right kilt can give your personality the winning edge? A kilt is the manliest dress ever worn by the highlanders. It is exotic, comfortable, and trendier than regular pants. It is becoming popular all over the world, and even people who do not belong to Scottish culture also wear it on formal occasions.

Utility kilts- comfortable and versatile:

A utility kilt is the best alternative to trousers. It is the latest style of wearing a traditional highland dress with a modern twist. A traditional utility kilt has a flat front and the pleats on sides. It is made from heavy-duty fabrics keeping the fact in mind that a quality kilt looks good when it is made of high-quality materials. The cargo pockets allow you to store stuff just like the way you do while wearing trousers.

A utility kilt can be worn as day to day attire and at work. Don’t worry; it is comfortable to wear even in the scorching sun too. You would feel cool all the time. All you have to do is to learn how to sit and walk while wearing a kilt if you are wearing it for the first time.

Things to consider while buying a utility kilt:

There are different types of kilts out there. You should know why you are wearing a kilt. Here are a few tips that might help you buying the right utility kilt:

  • Style of the kilt:

Whenever you buy a kilt, make sure that you know why you are wearing it. It will help you purchase the right style for the occasion. There are different styles of the kilt available out there that include camo kilt, hybrid kilt, tactical utility kilt, and denim kilt. All these kits are the perfect alternative for trousers and pants. A utility kilt is tough and durable; thus, it is best to be worn as day to day attire or at work.

  • Storage:

You are buying a kilt to wear at work. It means you need pockets to keep stuff like mobiles and wallets etc. In fact, you can keep tools in the pockets as well while working. But not every kilt comes with the pockets. So, purchase a utility kilt that features cargo pockets on both sides. It will make it easy for you to work as everything you need would be in the pockets.

Some kilts feature D-rings so that you can hang keys and torch etc. You should always check whether the kilt has these features or not if you are buying it to wear at work.

  • Quality materials:

Buying a kilt is not easy, especially if you are wearing it for the first time. You don’t know what quality is perfect. Always keep in mind that there is no point in wasting money on buying a low-quality Scottish kilt. Kilts come in a variety of materials. Make sure you buy a utility kilt made of heavy-duty fabric.

  • Know your measurements:

Many people think that since kilt is a wraparound garment, it does not require any measurements. But this is not true. Kilts look great when they fit you perfectly. So, make sure you know your measurements before buying a kilt. Also, you should know that the measurements for a kilt are different than that of regular pants.

  • Budget:

A kilt is an expensive garment so, check your budget first. If you think that buying a low-quality kilt is a great idea, then you need to change your mind. There is no point in investing money on a low-quality kilt. Always invest in a kilt that is made of heavy-duty fabric. Quality materials are expensive, that is why the prices of kilts are a bit high.

  • Wear accessories:

A kilt is a wonderful dress to be worn at special events. You can wear kilt accessories as well if you want to rock this manliest garment. No matter you are wearing the best utility kilt or a tartan kilt; complement your look by wearing accessories.

Etiquettes of wearing a kilt:

Highland dress is quite famous all around the world for good reasons. It is the national costume of Scotland, and they have been wearing it for centuries. It is a traditional dress that can be worn on formal or casual occasions. If you are wearing a kilt for the wedding, then determine how formal the wedding is and then choose a kilt outfit accordingly.

You can wear it as day to day attire too. The best thing about this garment is that even non-scots also wear it. But the problem arises when a non-scot does not know the etiquettes to wear it. Scottish people feel pleasure to see that their dress is quite popular among people, but they may get offended if you do not wear it with respect.

Never call it a skirt in front of Scots as it may offend them. It is a sacred symbol of honor for highlanders. Always remember that the tartans are linked to the families. They represent their clan, so if you are a non-scot, then wear a universal tartan. If you wear a tartan that represents a family and you are not a part of that family, then it can offend them.

Summing up:

The highland dress looks great and is comfortable to wear too. Your kilt outfit makes you look distinct. It is a symbol of Scottish culture and is something they are really proud of. So, whenever you wear it, wear it with pride and respect. Do not forget to wear something beneath your kilt. Always purchase the highland dress that perfectly fits your body to stand out from the crowd.

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