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Celebrate Your Scottish Heritage By Wearing MacDonald Tartan

What is the most popular thing about Scotland? Do you know about kilts – the national garb of Scotland? What is MacDonald tartan, and who wears it? Let’s try to find out the answers to all these questions in this post.

Whenever you think about Scotland, kilts are the first thing that comes to your mind. Scottish kilts are the most recognized form of dress throughout the world. It is the national garb of Scotland. Though they are traditionally associated with Scotland, they have deep roots in Irish culture as well. Both Irish and Scots wear it as a celebration of their Celtic heritage.

Tartan is a patterned cloth that consists of criss-cross horizontal and vertical stripes in different colors. The Scots wear tartans that represent their clan. In simple words, you can say that there are so many tartans way over 2000 maybe. Each clan in Scotland can have many different tartans associated with it.

MacDonald Tartan- The most famed and well-loved:

The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century when highlanders started wearing this amazing garment. Since then, they are being by the people to showcase their pride and respect for their Scottish culture and heritage. What is more interesting about the kilts is that it is not just a piece of cloth that is worn for style and fashion. In fact, it represents the clan of the wearer.

Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland, and you might have noticed that Scottish kilts almost always have crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in different colors. It is called the tartan pattern. Each tartan is defined by its sett. There are so many tartans, and each tartan is associated with a family. One of the most famed and a well-loved tartan is Donald tartan descended from Donald, the grandson of Somerled of the Isles. It is made of acrylic fabric, which is lightweight and non-allergic.

Clan Donald Tartan:

Do you know that the Clan Donald is the oldest and most famous of all the Scottish clans? It has over forty tartans and many clan branches intricately connected to it. The eight main branches of the clan are:

  • Clanranald
  • Ardnamurchan
  • Glencoe
  • Keppoch
  • Antrim
  • Duunyveg
  • Glens
  • Sleat

Clan Donald Crest:

Do you know that Scots often wear crests onto their tartan on formal occasions? The clan crest was the symbol of allegiance to show loyalty to the clan chief. The clan Donald crest depicts a small crown with an armored hand holding a cross. The motto of the clan is” by sea and by land” that acknowledges its seafaring roots and the island.

It is a tradition in Scotland that the accepting family in the weddings fastens their crest on the spouse’s tartan. It symbolizes the unity of the family. But it is not common for Irish people to wear a crest.

Is it Clan MacDonald or clan Donald?

MacDonald is one of the largest clans in existence. Well, do you know that MacDonald was the 2nd most common surname in Scotland? It was used long before the government required surnames, and it was used by anyone whose name was Donald. History refers to both MacDonald and Donald while describing it.

Kilt accessories you can wear with it:

No matter you are wearing an Irish kilt or a Scottish kilt, you should wear complete accessories if you are going to attend some formal events. A kilt looks great when you wear it with all the traditional accessories. So, complement your look by wearing the accessories given below:

  • Sporrans:

Not every kilt comes with a pocket. A sporran is a pocket that is worn around the waist so that you can store stuff such as wallets and mobile phones etc. A sporran is a traditional accessory to both Irish and Scottish cultures. There are different types of sporrans available out there. You should choose one according to the tartan and doublet you are wearing.

  • Doublet:

You might have noticed that a kilt is worn with a jacket on formal and casual occasions. A doublet gives you a more formal look. If you are going to attend a wedding, ball, graduation, or any black-tie event, then you can wear a Prince Charlie jacket. Similarly, on semi-formal occasions, you can wear an argyle jacket. You cannot wear a regular jacket with a kilt. To get a traditional look, you should wear a kilt jacket.

  • Brogues:

Brogues are one of the must-have highland accessories. Your traditional look is incomplete without a nice pair of brogues. They give you a more sophisticated look. Wear kilt hose with your brogues. You should choose the kilt hose according to the kilt shoes you are wearing. To accessorize even further, you can add kilt flags.

  • Belt and buckles:

To finish off your look, you should wear belts and buckles too. But make sure that the belt must match the sporran you are wearing. It should be at least two inches in width.


A kilt is one of the manliest dresses ever. Gaelic men are wearing it for centuries. Kilts are popular among people and no matter you are from Scotland or not you can wear it. But be careful while choosing a tartan to wear. Tartan represents the clan of the wearer, so if you are not a member of that clan, they may get upset seeing you wearing their tartan.

If you really want to wear the highland dress, then choose the universal tartans that are not linked to any family. Scots would be pleased to see you wearing kilts. So, make sure that you do not offend them and wear a universal tartan if you do not belong to Scotland.

As far as MacDonald tartan is concerned, it belongs to one of the most famous and powerful of the highland clans. Hooks of either side of the kilt allow you to hang the sporran of your choice. Enjoy this tartan along with the complete highland accessories and a nice jacket. It will make you look unique yet elegant.

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