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A Complete Guide For Buying Bagpipes For Sale

Bagpipes are thought to have been used in Egypt first. They existed in many forms around the world. Bagpipes are an incredible instrument. They are not like any other music instrument, which makes it quite difficult to understand what you are going to buy and what would you do with them. Are you looking for some bagpipes for sale? If yes, then you need to know a little history of the instruments and a few things you should consider while buying these bagpipes.

A brief history of bagpipes for sale:

If you take a look at the history, you come to know that the bagpipes are Middle Eastern in origin. The instrument spread throughout Europe in the second millennium. The basic instrument in every country was the same. It consisted of:

  • A bag with the chanter
  • One or more drones

The origin of bagpipes in Scotland is not certain. Some people believe that it was a roman import. But according to some people, it came to Scotland from Ireland as a result of colonization. It is said that the use of bagpipes in Scotland dates back to 1300. There is also a theory that the instrument was made in Scotland. Let’s put the debate aside; it is a fact that the Scots were the people who developed the great highland pipes and used it in both peace and war as their national instruments.

The structure of the bagpipes:

When you think of Scotland, what comes to your mind? Do you see a man wearing a tartan kilt with a doublet holding a bagpipe? Well, whenever I think about Scotland, I always imagine this. If you are interested in buying a bagpipe, then it means you want to learn to play it. But before that, it would be great to understand the structure of the instrument:

  • Blowpipe:

The blowpipe is attached to the bag, and it allows the player to fill the air in the bag. When the player continuously fills the bag with air, it will sound continuously. It is quite difficult to fill the bag with the air as it requires continuous coordination.

  • Drones:

Bagpipes utilize a variety of different drones. Some bagpipes offer two drone sounds:

  • Base
  • Tenor

They are made from stalks or synthetic materials. The reeds allow the air to vibrate and create sounds. The drone reeds sit like a valve on the bagpipes.

  • Bags:

Bags are an important part of the instrument, and the player has to fill the bag with air continuously. The player squeezes the air using his arm. The air moves the chanted reeds and drone reeds. The player must maintain constant pressure while squeezing the air with the arm.

  • Drone cords:

The drone cord is made from simple silk, and it hangs between the drones. It covers the bagpipes.

  • Chanter pipe:

The chanter pipes create sounds. They are used to create nine different notes, but it is quite challenging to play the bagpipes as the player has to use the holes to produce notes. Hold the bagpipes vertically, your hands, and cover the holes with fingers to create a melody.

Price of the bagpipes:

If you have never played a bagpipe before, then make sure you learn the skill first. Now you might be thinking about how I would learn to play a bagpipe if I do not own one. Well, you can purchase a used bagpipe to learn to play it. However, there are the bagpipes for the beginners out there that help the novice to learn the finger patterns. These bagpipes for the beginners help them learn the skill before buying a full-sized set.

How to buy a bagpipe?

Now you have learnt the skill to place fingers, blow the bag and squeeze the air from the bag. It is time to purchase a full-sized set. Where to buy it from? There are different types of bagpipes available out there, and with so many options, you easily get confused. But thanks to the internet which has made it possible to gather some information about a product before buying it. The sellers provide the details of the bagpipes along with a picture to make it easy for you to decide.

Remember, if you buy the great highland bagpipes, then you will not get a case, extra reeds, and maintenance items that you may need later. So make sure you take care of the maintenance of the instrument and do the regular cleaning of chanter and drones.

The difference between Scottish bagpipes and Irish bagpipes:

The kilts are an integral part of both Scottish and Irish cultures, and they both have a few differences. Similarly, there are few things different in the Scottish and Irish bagpipes. Scottish players play more complex ornaments while as Irish players use additional tricks to add vibrato and change the pitch. In fact, you can play with vowels too on Irish pipes.

Irish pipes can play more than one type of scale. Scottish pipes are limited to the A-mixolydian scale and the relative scales.

On a Scottish pipe, the player will be playing with the other pipers, and it is imperative for him to read the sheet music and memorize the tunes. However, on Irish pipes, the player plays solo in a more relaxed session.


There are different types of bagpipes available out there that include dragon bagpipes for sale, Kintail bagpipes for sale, and firefighter bagpipes for sale. No matter which one you buy, make sure you have learnt the skill to create melodies.

Scottish culture has a rich history. Be it bagpipes or traditional highland dress, everything is interesting and attracts people towards Scotland. They wear kilts with pride and showcase their Celtic culture. The bagpipes became a part of Scottish culture centuries ago. The best part is that Scottish culture is still alive even after the centuries. Though the highland dress has been modernized, the traditional touch was always there.

It is quite interesting to listen to the tunes of bagpipes played by the bands.

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