Why did Scottish men wear kilts?

Why did Scottish men wear kilts?

Scottish kilts are called as the national dress of Scotland. The piece of clothing has served as symbol of respect and complete fashion statement throughout the periods of history. There was also a time when the kilts became a pure symbol of protest in the country. But the question that arises here is why did Scottish men wear kilts?

A brief history of Kilts

Anyone who belongs to the Scottish ancestor knows that Kilts have always been more than just a piece of clothes; it represents pride and honor of the clan. The Highlanders wore the dress in the beginning. It was also very comfortable for those who fight in the wars. Atmospheric conditions of Scotland were another reason why Scottish men started wearing the kilts. Back in the old days, Highlanders face damp and cold weather conditions almost throughout the year. Such terms made it difficult for men to wear regular pantaloons as it gets soaked while marching. However, Kilts were only knee-length long that is why they were carried efficiently than the trousers.

The color of the plaid represents the clans in the old days. However, the Tartan pattern of the kilts is relatively new. Back then, kilts were tailored with the woolen material due to cold weather conditions.  Scottish male also used it as a wraparound blanket while sleeping.

What does a Scottish man wear under his Kilt?

According to the census, 55 percent of Scottish men wear underwear under the Kilts, whereas 38 percent admitted that they do not wear anything underneath their kilts. The decision purely depends on the person wearing a kilt as there is no hard and fast rule.

Are Kilts Scottish or Irish?

It is often confusing whether the kilts belong to Irish heritage or Scottish culture. Though kilts are associated with Scotland, Ireland has its fair share in the traditional piece of clothing. Kilts in Ireland were introduced much late than Scotland. The Irish started wearing Kilt in the 18th century. It was adopted by the local nationalists who wanted to stick with their Celtic nationality. According to the historians, the Kilts arrived in Ireland in the 1880s and re-introduction occurred in 1956.

What is female Kilt called?

Women do not wear kilts as men exclusively wear it since the old times, but like the kilts, Scottish women also had a traditional dress. The women of Scotland wear an ankle-length Tartan skirt with special shoes called ghillies. Women also wear shawls and a bodice with the skirt.

Final Words

The most minds pondering the question of all time is why did Scottish men wear kilts? The kilts are so much more than just a piece of clothing. It is a symbol of pride and prestige. Kilts are also very comfortable to wear, and its thick fabric makes it ideal to be worn in cold damp weather conditions.

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