Highland Kilts Don’t Let You Fret About What To Wear

Scotland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Besides the untouched beaches and spectacular golf courses that make Scotland famous are its traditional clothing- Highland kilts. Historically, kilts were worn exclusively by Scottish men. However, women these days also wear kilts to show their respect towards the Scottish culture.

A kilt is a type of clothing similar to a skirt. It is an integral part of Scottish culture and heritage as it is descended from the traditional dress of boys living in Scottish highlands.

What are the highland games?

Despite the name, highland games are held all over Scotland. Highland games were originated in the 14th century when the best fighter man was chosen to be the clan chief. Highland games have become popular across the United Stated. As a matter of fact, Queen Victoria played a significant role in making the highland games popular.

If you do not know highland games are festivals that originated in Scotland in the fourteenth century. The festival consists of the:

  • Demonstrations of bagpiping
  • Athletic competitions
  • Scottish dance
  • Drumming

The most spectacular event in the highland games is tossing the caber. An athlete runs carrying a tree trunk and tries to heave it over in a perfect throw. Be it tossing the caber or tossing the weight over the bar it requires skill and strength to win. Highland games take place all across the world today. So, you can be a part of the festival even if you are not in Scotland.

Highland kilts:

Do you want to attend highland games? But you do not know what to wear on this traditional festival? No matter you are taking part in the games or just going to attend the event highland kilt is what you should wear. Scots proudly wear the highland dress on formal occasions. The highland dress consists of a kilt (a skirt-like garment).

A kilt is usually worn with the kilt hose and a sporran. In simple words, a sporran is a type of pouch that hangs around the waist. The kilt hose is the woolen socks turned down at the knee. You can also wear a kilt with other accessories that include a kilt pin, a kilt jacket, a belt, and a knife. Check our kilts and choose the best one to wear on highland games this year.

Pick a kilt to wear for highland games:

A kilt is indeed the manliest piece of garment. It is a historic piece of garment that stood the test of the time. A kilt is a sacred dress for Scottish people so you should wear it with respect even if you are not from Scotland.

Before choosing a kilt to wear at highland games, you need to understand that a kilt reflects the family lineage. Volunteers and participants wear a kilt that represents their Celtic heritage. If you are Scottish, then choose a tartan that reflects your family heritage.

If you are non-Scottish:

It is not necessary to be Scottish to wear a kilt. If you want to wear this gorgeous piece of a garment at highland games, then think about your sense of style. You want to wear something simple then choose a utility kilt from our collection. If you want to stand out in the crowd, then pick our leather utility kilt. A denim kilt will make you feel comfortable all the time so, go for it.

No matter what type of kilt you choose, wear it with respect and confidence.

Kilts and highland dance:

Nothing can better capture the essence of the Scottish culture than highland dance during a celebration. It is a joy to watch the highland dance. Traditionally, highland dance was a way for the clan chiefs to choose to their men at arms. Now, you may be thinking about what does the dancing has to do with the wars. Well, the stamina and strength required to perform highland dance were a parameter to judge the person’s skills.

There is a specific attire to be worn while performing the highland dance. Men wear kilts with matching tartan hose along with a balmoral hat. Balmoral is a traditional Scottish hat worn by the men.

Most highland dancers are women these days so; they wear tartan kilts, velvet jackets, tartan hose, and a white blouse. It is necessary for every highland dancer, be it a man or woman to wear highland dance shoes while performing. Browse our pages and find the best tartan to rock the kilt.

What can you carry with a kilt?

Once you choose your tartan, it becomes easy to decide what you are going to wear with it. You can carry a sporran with a kilt. A sporran as you know is the removable pouch or a mini purse that you wear in front of a kilt. It helps you carry items. You can also get a contemporary kilt that features pockets just like pants.

Choose kilt carefully:

If you are Scottish, then you should choose a kilt that represents your clan. But when you do not belong to Scotland but want to wear a kilt then make sure you pick one that fits your style. Make sure you select the right sized kilt so that you can walk confidently. Take a look at the size guide to know how to take measurements to buy a kilt.

It would be better to figure out what you might want to bring to the highland games before purchasing a kilt. Once you know what you will bring it becomes quite easy to pick a kilt with the right amount of pockets. If you do not want to purchase a contemporary kilt with cargo loops or pockets, then carry a sporran.

Kilts are colorful, stylish, and exotic. Modern-day kilts are easily accessible for everyone who wants to wear this traditional dress. Make sure you purchase a high-quality kilt so that it can last for years to come. Never compromise on the quality of a kilt.

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