How To Wear A Kilt With Confidence And Pride?

No matter where do you live when you think of Scotland, the first image that appears in mind is “the Scottish kilt.” Kilts are a part of Irish and Scottish heritage and are worn to show off the pride of the nation. This iconic garment did not appear one day out of anywhere. It has a long tradition within the Celtic culture and steeped in a deep rich history.

New to wearing a kilt? You are supposed to know how to wear the iconic dress of Scotland with pride. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a kilt. No matter what the occasion is, just wear a kilt with confidence and pride.

What is a kilt?

When it comes to kilts, non-Scottish people at first glance, simply think that it is a skirt. Well, the kilts are not skirts. It is a traditional piece of garment worn by the Scottish people for centuries. There is a myth about the kilts that they have been around since the 13th century.  You might have watched the movie Braveheart that led people to believe this myth. It is not true. The first kilt was made and worn in the 16th century, so; you can say that the moviemakers got it wrong.

Where to wear a kilt?

There is a lingering perception that you can wear a kilt only on formal occasions such as a wedding, highland games, and sports events, etc.  But the truth is that you can wear a kilt anywhere on any occasion. You see people in Scotland wearing kilts in pubs, restaurants, at work, and even on the streets. Even the kilts are also used as uniforms. So, do not worry! You can wear kilt anywhere when you want a little extra freedom of movement.

How to style a kilt?

A kilt is one of the sexiest pieces of apparel. It gives you a macho look. Many people think they have never worn a kilt so it will not look great on them. They believe it they cannot wear a kilt whatsoever. No matter you are a true scot or not, you can wear a kilt to show off your love to Scottish culture and heritage.

  • Kilt:

A kilt is the national dress of Scotland so whenever you wear make sure you do not offend the true scots. You should wear a kilt around the navel. If you want, you can wear it an inch above the navel as well. It should hand down in the middle of the knees. Choose any tartan according to your preferences. You can get the perfect color for you at Scottish Kilt Collection.


  • Shirt:

You should choose the shirt according to the kilt color. Do not wear busy patterns or graphics as it will not look good with the kilt. A colorless shirt can also complement your kilt.

  • Jacket and waistcoat:

Kilt jackets and waistcoats are available in different styles and colors. You should pick one keeping your kilt in mind. You can keep the jacket open to show off the buttons on the waistcoat.

  • Buckle and belt:

There are different styles of buckles and belts available to be worn with a kilt. Choose a style you think will look great with your kilt. You do not need to wear a belt if you are wearing a waistcoat.

  • Footwear:

You may have seen people wearing boots under a kilt. To complement your kilt outfit, you should wear brogues. You are free to wear any boots under your kilt, but you should make sure that it goes well with the outfit.

  • Accessories:

There are many other items that you can wear along with the kilt. You should choose everything according to your tartan. You can wear a kilt pin. It is a decorative item that should be placed through the stop apron. Kilt socks that are also called kilt hose should be worn below the knee bottom. Don’t forget to fold the hose below the kneecap.

Underwear or no underwear:

Well, non-Scottish people always seem curious about knowing whether the Scottish people wear something under the kilt or not. It is generally known that the true Scotsmen do not wear anything under their kilts. If you are wearing a kilt, it is up to you to wear something under it or not.

If you are wearing it for the first time and follow no underwear rule, then you may have a hard time while walking and sitting. It is better to rehearse before going into public. You should feel comfortable while wearing a dress.

As far as no underwear rule is concerned, you should wear something under it. If you are playing highland games or sports wearing a kilt, then how would you manage without wearing underwear beneath? If you work in a fire department, you have to wear something to cover because the higher you would go, the better the view would be. Just kidding! You should wear undergarments if you do not know how to walk or sit when wearing a kilt.

Know your measurements:

Knowing your right measurements is always necessary to get a perfect fit. If you wear the wrong sized kilt, it will not look great. As a matter of fact, kilts only look great when they are the right size and of high quality. Taking your measurements may not be easy for you without any help. Ask someone at home to help you get your measurements, or you can go to a tailor for this purpose. If you are taking measurements at home, then our complete guide about how to take the right measurements for kilts will help you a lot.

Be comfortable and reveal your weapons:

The tradition is when you are going to someone’s house, you have to take out your weapon and put it at the top of the socks. It shows that you are a friend, and you are not going to attack anyone. But of course, when you are wearing a kilt on some occasion, you will not bring any weapon. Wear a kilt and be comfortable as a kilt provides you freedom of movement.

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