What is a tactical kilt? is the kilt Irish

What is a tactical kilt? is the kilt Irish

Kilts are arguably the most comfortable garment a man can ever think of wearing. Kilts have been the Scottish icon for many years. It is not just a piece of tartan cloth. In fact, it is the National Dress of Scotland. The history of kilts goes back to the 16th century when a knee-length pleated wrap skirt was made for men in the wool tartan material.

In the beginning, the kilts were the large piece of clothes worn as cloaks. The kilts were only worn on holidays and occasions. But now the kilts have gained popularity, and people wear this piece of garment on parties, festivals, weddings, and funerals.

There is nothing more stylish than wearing the right size kilt.

What is a kilt?

The word kilt is derived from the word Kijlt (an ancient Norse word) which means pleated. It refers to a cloth tucked up and around the body. A kilt is the most comfortable manly garment available out there. It is an important part of Scottish culture and most often worn at highland games and on formal occasions. For a true Scotsman, it is a sacred symbol of honor and patriotism. In recent years kilts have been adapted as an item of informal male clothing. Check kilts for men on our website to get the right sized one for you.

What is a tactical kilt?

There are different types of kilts, and one of them is a tactical kilt. It is made from pure cotton material that gives it a manly look. The heavy-duty cotton fabric used in our tactical kilts provides more mobility. Tactical kilts are a rigid form of utility kilts and are referred to as modern kilts. These are a bit different from traditional kilts as they have larger but fewer pleats.

Tactical kilts are perfect for those who sweat a lot. These kilts have more pockets and loops to hooking keys or torch. The front pockets let you hook your tools if you wear it on work. Tactical kilts are available in different styles and colors. Browse our pages and find the right fit for you.

Tactical kilts are not a joke anymore:

According to an article found on the internet, the tactical kilts were started as an April fool joke by a company who used to make clothes for military and law enforcement. When they offer these kilts as a joke, some did not get it and ordered the tactical kilts. Some people got the joke but still wanted to buy these kilts. Since then the tactical kilts are very popular. Browse our pages to buy the best tactical kilt for men.

Tactical duty kilt:

You want to play both basic and bold at work then purchase our incredible tactical duty kilt. These are super-tough stain-resistant kilts that never compromise when it comes to facilitating for carrying your tools at work. We have the tactical duty kilts that are high on both fashion and functionality. Order now to get the most comfortable kilts!

The rules of wearing Tactical Kilt kilts:

A kilt is a piece of clothing for those men who want to stand out and look different. If you have decided to wear a kilt, then bear in mind that it is a pretty bold choice. It is an amazing piece of cloth that you can wear to look sexy. Wait a minute!

It is not an ordinary piece of garment you choose to wear. As a matter of fact, it is the national dress for men in Scotland. It is sacred for scots and don’t offend anyone by wearing it wrong. You can take help from a Scottish friend as well while wearing a kilt. If you don’t have a scot friend, then don’t worry, we will help you wear this most amazing piece of garment for men.

How do you wear a Tactical Kilt?

Rule 1:

Is that man wearing something beneath the kilt? This is the question that pops up in the mind when you see anyone wearing a kilt. Well, kilts are usually worn without underwear. But if you are wearing it for the first time, then you should definitely wear something under the kilt. However, it is completely your choice to wear something or not as nobody is going to check you.

Rule 2:

Most kilts are worn with a buckle or belt. The belt holds up the garment and makes you feel comfortable. You can choose the color of the belt to contrast your kilt.

Rule 3:

Most kilts are worn with a suede jacket or shirt. It makes you look dapper. Browse our page and find the perfect kilt jackets to compliment your kilts.

Rule 4:

If you are wearing a kilt, then compliment your look with white high socks.  Don’t forget to wear black laced shoes beneath the kilt.


To bring some depth to the outfit, people wear a pouch typically made of leather. It drapes across the kilt with a strap.

Size of the Tactical Duty Utility kilt :

A kilt is considered as a treasured piece of clothing so, be careful while buying it. No matter you are wearing it in front of Scottish people or not, it must be of high quality and the right size. You don’t want others to laugh at you, so make sure that you choose the right size. Measure your length, waist, hips, and torso to make sure that it fits yours perfectly. A kilt that does not fit you will not hang correctly and spoil the entire look.

Quality of the Tactical Duty kilt:

Quality matters a lot. You need to remember that the quality kilts are quite expensive. So, if someone is selling you kilts at a cheap rate, there is a red flag. It means the quality of the kilts is not up to the mark. We at Scottish Kilt Collection are selling the best quality kilts of different styles and colors. Our high-quality kilts be it traditional or modern will make you look confident, different, and gorgeous.

So, place an order now and rock a kilt. 


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