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The Classic Jacobite Shirt To Complete Any Kilt Outfit

What accessories can you wear with a kilt? Does Jacobite shirt go well with a Scottish kilt? The highland dress looks great when you choose the shirts according to the type of kilt you are wearing.

If you know even a little about Scotland, then you are probably aware of the highland dress. A kilt is a popular traditional Scottish garment that is used to symbolize the power and culture of the Scottish people in highland. Also, it describes the family origin of the Scottish people. Kilts have been worn by highlanders for centuries. The kilts have gone through many changes throughout their long history. But the best thing is that they are still available in their traditional form.

Jacobite shirt-for a more casual appearance:

There is a lingering perception that kilts are only for formal occasions. Well, it is a traditional dress that has been worn on formal occasions such as highland games and weddings, etc. but you can wear them as everyday attire as well. You should choose a shirt according to the occasion and the style of kilt you would wear. For a more casual and classic look, you should choose Jacobite/ghillie shirts. They are also called Ghillie shirts.

Ghillie shirts have been a favorite casual option among the kilt wearers. It is a loose-fitting poly-cotton shirt with an open color. The lacing around the collar gives it a casual yet stunning look. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. You feel great while wearing it, especially in summers, as it is a loose-fitting shirt.

For a more casuals look you can wear a sweater on it. But make sure you choose a simple sweater as the busy patterns would not look great at all. No matter you are going out or not, you should wear a kilt with respect. Ghillie shirts are the best option to wear with a kilt, whether you are going to hang out with friends or staying at home. These shirts are a great addition to your wardrobe. You may be astonished to know that the ghillie shirts existed even before the kilts.

Men’s Jacobite shirt:

Ghillie shirts are made to measure shirts for men to wear with a kilt. They are made from poly-cotton blend; the breathability of cotton makes it a perfect shirt to wear in summers. The washable laces around the collar give it a traditional look. These shirts are available in large colors and sizes. You can wash them in the machine or dry clean these shirts.

Complement the entire look:

Wearing a kilt is not as easy as it seems to be, especially when you are wearing it for the first time. With so many options available, you get confused about what to choose. The first thing you pick is the kilt. There are different types of kilts available out there. You have to choose one according to the event you are going to attend or the personal preference. There are a lot of things to consider while choosing a kilt. Make sure the quality of the kilt is not low as low-quality kilts do not leave an impression. Also, check the price and size. Never wear a kilt that does not fit you perfectly. Once you choose a kilt to wear, then you have to pick a shirt.

  • Sporran:

Scottish sporrans are the last thing to put on your highland dress. A sporran is a pouch that is worn around the waist. It is usually connected by a sporran chain or a belt. They are available in a huge verity of styles to choose from. Choose a sporran according to the kilt and shirt you are wearing. Always keep the formality of the event in mind while picking the highland dress. For more formal occasions, fur sporrans look great, but they don’t go well with a simple ghillie shirt.

  • Tartan ties and bows:

Tartan ties and bows give you a great opportunity to show off your Celtic pride. They are also available in different patterns and designs. Since a tartan represents a clan so you should pick a tie that has the pattern of your clan. But tartan ties and bows do not look good with the ghillie shirt as they have a laced collar.

  • Shoes and hoes:

Shows are an important part of the dressing. You should choose a pair of shoes that go well with the ghillie shirt and the tartan kilt. Ghillie brogues are the most common shoes that are worn under a kilt. They are worn just like the regular hoes, but the laces of these shows are wrapped around the ankle and then tie them. Hoses are the socks that are worn with a kilt. If you are wearing flashes, then fold the hose under your knee so that the flashes can become visible.

  • Belts and buckles:

The belt goes around the waist. Adjust it according to your waist size. Choose a belt that goes well with the ghillie shirt. Wear a tartan kilt, ghillie shirt, and leather sporran, and you are ready for a perfect summer day.

For choosing a complete highland outfit, you need to consider two things:

  • Comfort
  • Occasion

You should know in what dress you would feel comfortable. Pick the dress, keeping the formality of the occasion in mind.


If you are wearing a kilt for the first time, then pair it with the loose fitted ghillie shirt. You will feel comfortable all day long, no matter how hot the weather is. It will help you move around confidently. But make sure that you know a little about history. It will save you from getting embarrassed in front of a true scot.

If you are thinking about what to wear under a kilt, then don’t worry! It is a myth that Scots do not wear anything under a kilt. Scots wear undergarments beneath a kilt. How can they not wear anything under a kilt in winters? Also, this is not good for hygiene.

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