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Learn More About The US Army Kilts

When you see a man wearing a skirt-like garment with the sewn pleats, you think he is from Scotland. Do only Scots wear kilts or have you seen the US army kilts too? Kilts are an integral part of Scottish culture for centuries. Kilts are the national dress of Scotland, and they wear it to showcase their power and culture. But you may not be aware of the fact that kilts are also used as uniforms in many countries, and America is one of those countries. Let’s find out about some of the registered US military tartans.

Introduction to US army kilts:

When you think of Scotland, the first thing that comes to mind is the highland dress. It is comfortable and stylish. Scottish kilt people have been wearing kilts for centuries, and they still wear it to showcase their Celtic pride. Why not? It has been an important part of their culture, and the tartans they wear represent their clans.

But tartan kilts are not famous in Scotland and Ireland only. They are quite popular in other countries too. Kilts are being used as uniforms in the military. American army kilts are made from the highest quality 8 yards of heavyweight poly-viscose.

The leather straps on the sides of the kilts allow you to adjust it according to your waist size. The deep pleats on the kilt are sewn individually so that you can perform your activity without any difficulty.

US military kilts are designed for both formal and casual occasions. The best thing is that they are available online, and you can buy them without any hassle.

Registered US military tartans:

Here are a few registered tartans of the United States’ army, let’s have a look:

US army tartan:

It is a kilt designed by Raymond Jones, who served the American army with the dark horse regiment. The different colors used in this tartan represent the uniforms:

  • Black – beret
  • Khaki – summer uniform
  • Light green- sniper
  • Dark blue – original dress uniform
  • Gold – Calvary
  • Olive – combat uniform

 US air force tartan:

The air force is an important part of the military, no matter what country you belong to. The United States’ air force tartan was designed in the year 1988. Then in the year 1990, it was adopted by the band of air force reserve Georgia.

US navy tartan:

The United States navy tartan was designed by Arthur Mackie in the year 1980.

US marine corps tartan:

The next in the list is the US Marine Corps tartan that Bob Hall of Tallahassee, FL designed.

Tartan for US Navy Polaris Submariners:

It is the tartan made by a boomer captain who was based in Holy Loch. The colors in the tartan represent different things:

  • The dark green and blue represent the ocean
  • Blue and gold represents two crews of the nuclear sub

US Coast Guard Tartan:

It is based on the Tartan of the founding father of the USCG.

Why would US soldiers wear kilts?

Kilts are the manliest garment ever. It looks stunning and stylish, but why the US soldiers would wear a kit. The answer to the question is quite simple. They would wear it because of the comfort it provides to the wearer. According to a study, many soldiers love to wear kilts because it is super comfortable.

It provides more movement and freedom while performing activities. Also, it is easy to urinate while wearing a kilt. It provides better ventilation, no matter how hot the weather is. Most importantly, it allows you to perform your duties without any hassle.

It is interesting to know that kilted soldiers proved more badass than those of the non-kilted soldiers. According to data analysis, the soldiers who were wearing kilts performed better than those who were not wearing this manliest garment. There were fewer causalities, and they captured more of the enemies.

How to buy kilts online?

Thanks to technological advancements, everything has become quite easy these days. You can purchase almost everything online without any need to visiting brick and mortar stores. All you have to do is to find a reliable online store to shop kilts from.

Find the kilt you want to buy, provide correct measurements, and then place an order. Your order will be delivered in a few days at your doorstep. Since you would not be able to try a kilt online, so make sure that you provide the correct measurements.

How to take correct kilt measurements?

Whether you are purchasing a kilt to wear as uniform or day to day use, you need to make sure that it perfectly fits your body. There is no point in wasting money on a kilt that does not fit you. You will end up paying more money to a tailor to alter it.

After alteration, it may not look as good as before. So, always provide correct measurements before placing an order online. Sizing guides are available out there that help you take the right measures using a measuring tape at home.

Kilts are super comfortable and have pockets to let you store items. If you are going to wear it on some formal occasions, then don’t forget to wear the complete accessories. It will complement your look, and you will stand out from the crowd. What can be better than wearing the traditional piece of garment with a modern touch.

Etiquettes of wearing a kilt:

No matter you are wearing a Scottish kilt or US military kilt, you should wear it with respect. It would be better to gather a little information about kilts before wearing it. It will help you carry it with confidence. Wear something under your kilt, especially when you are wearing it as a uniform. You don’t want to be embarrassed, then wearing undergarment is necessary.

The Scottish Kilt Collection is a reliable online kilt store where a huge variety of highland dress is available. The best thing about them is that they charge a fair price for their high-quality products.

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