Turn Some Heads At An Event By Wearing A Leather Kilt

Have you ever seen a man wearing a knee-length skirt looking dress? Well, that is actually not a skirt, it is called kilt. Never offend a Scottish by calling the kilt a skirt. It is a knee-length garment Scottish wear traditionally at highland games, sports, and formal events.

It is not just a cloth that they wear. It is the symbol of their honor and pride. Kilts are sacred for Scottish people as it is a way to show their identity. Want to wear a kilt? Great but before that make sure you know about different designs and styles of kilts available.

What is a leather kilt?

Wearing a kilt is like making a style statement. Scottish and Irish people used to wear kilts as it was an important part of their culture and heritage. Now even the non-Scottish people wear kilts on various occasions.

A leather kilt is a fashionable update to the traditional kilt. The sleek and bold nature of leather can turn a simple thing to something that catches the attention. Kilt makers have made deliberate changes in the traditional kilts to make them modern and stylish. It is 21st-century people want to wear a kilt but with a modern touch.

Leather kilts have a functional value. No matter you are wearing it at work or in everyday use you will feel super comfortable all the time. A type of modern-day utility kilts “leather kilts are made of high-quality genuine leather. To make the leather kilts even more comfortable, there is an inner cotton lining. If you want to buy a high-quality leather kilt, then place an order at Scottish Kilt Collection.

Leather kilt styles:

Leather kilts come in different styles. Leather pleats are available in tartan kilt style in which the flat panels are in the front and pleats on the sides. You can also wear asymmetrical gladiator-style kilts which look great. You can wear chap style kilts over trousers or your jeans. To give the leather kilts a bold look you the kilt-makers use chains and studs etc.

Whatever the style you pick, make sure you know how to wear a kilt. It will be better to do a rehearsal before wearing it in public. If you are wearing it for the first time, then do not forget to read the rules first as your intention should not be to hurt the sentiments of true scots.

How to take care of a Leather kilt?

Quality kilts are expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy. If you have bought a leather kilt, make sure you know how to take care of it to keep it in good condition. A good cowhide kilt requires extraordinary care. So, here I am giving a few tips that will help you keep your leather kilt in good condition:

  • Apply a wax-free moisturizer:

Apply a wax-free leather lotion to your leather kilt every month. It will keep the leather supple. If you do not know how to apply the moisturizer to your leather kilt, then follow the instructions written on the packaging.

  • Do not wash it:

If your leather kilt gets dirty, do spot cleaning with the cleaner particularly made for leather. If you wash it more often, it will not remain in good condition. Every time you wash your leather kilt, the leather loses some of the natural oils. So, avoid washing it again and again.

  • Do not hang it without a bag:

Never hang a leather kilt without a bag as the other items and clothes in your closet can scratch or damage it.

  • Use a cotton garment bag to hang it:

Do not use a plastic bag to hand your leather kilt. You should always use a cotton garment bag for this purpose. It will let the leather breath, which is essential to keep the kilt in good form.

Features of leather kilts:

Leather kilts are a perfect choice for modern men. It is for those who want to give their kilts a bold and stylish look. Take a look below to see what a leather kilt features:

  • Super comfortable for both work and everyday use
  • Two cargo pockets on sides
  • Rust-free hooks
  • Rust-free chrome buttons
  • Made of 100% pure leather

When you think of leather kilts, only black or brown color comes to your mind. Leather kilts are available in many different colors at Scottish kilt Collection. Choose your color and length you require. Place an order and get the perfect leather kilt within a few working days.

How to wear a leather kilt?

If you are wearing it for the first time, then be careful while wearing a kilt. You may have heard that the Scottish men do not wear anything beneath a kilt. Well, it may be true, but it is not a hard and fast rule you can wear something under it. Wear a kilt high on the waist. In fact, it should be above your navel. It should be long enough to fall between the knees.

You want to rock your look then buy a kilt jacket along with a kilt. At Scottish Kilt Collection the following types of kilt jackets are available:

Choose the style you think will suit you and place your order now. You can wear kilts buckles and belts as well. They complement your outfit, but if you are wearing a waistcoat, then you should not wear belts and buckles.

Kilt pins add a special touch to your outfit as these are functional and decorative. You can’t wear sneakers under a kilt when you are wearing it at a formal event. A pair of brogues will compliment your entire look. These shoes are comfortable and give a touch of luxury. Wearing a kilt will be fun if you do it in the right way. Wear it keeping in mind that it is a national dress of a country custom leather jacket and custom kilt.

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