Hybrid kilts; Tailored For Rough daily Activities

You want to wear a kilt, but choosing a kilt may seem a daunting task to many. You love the look of tartan kilts as they represent your clan. You love to wear utility kilt at work as it allows you to move easily and comfortably at your tough job. But it is not common for the highland dress wearers to have both kilts. So which one you should spend money on? Hybrid kilts are the best choice for those who want both utility kilts and tartan kilts in their wardrobe.

Men’s hybrid kilt- to keep you relaxed and comfortable:

A kilt is the national costume of Scotland and has been a part of the Celtic culture for centuries. People wear it with pride and respect. Highland dress is quite popular all over the world for many reasons. A kilt is comfortable, stylish, and exotic. It is a skirt-like dress for men that provide freedom of movement. Don’t say the word to any scot as it may offend them.

For those who love to wear the highland dress but have a hard time choosing between the designs and styles of kilts available out there, the hybrid kilt is a perfect choice. It is a kilt that is specially designed for rough and tough men who are passionate about work. It allows you to perform hard duties without getting annoyed.

The hybrid kilt is a heavy-duty kilt that is made out of two fabrics. These are carefully sewn so that the pleats get intact while performing heavy duties. Since these are made from heavy-duty fabric, these are incredibly comfortable and long-lasting. Highland dress looks much cooler than any other type of dress and trousers etc. Visit Scottishkiltcollection.com to choose the kilt you want so that you can enjoy everything you love about utility and tartan kilts.

Product description:

A hybrid kilt is manufactured with two different colors. They are available in different quality materials out there. But it is recommended to choose a quality kilt if you want to stand out from the crowd. These are made from acrylic, woven fabric, and wool fabric. It gives you an elegant look while wearing it, and you feel relaxed and comfortable all day long, even at work.

Hybrid kilt comes with pockets so that you can store items while working. Premium metals have attached to it to make it look attractive and stylish. Don’t worry! The materials used on the kilt are rust-free.

Highlighted features:

  • Made from acrylic woven and wool fabric
  • Manufactured for rough and tough guys
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Features pockets for storage
  • Made from a minimum of two colors
  • Sewn pleats to keep them intact while working
  • Available in all sizes

Blue-yellow hybrid utility kilt:

Kilts are fantastic, aren’t they? Choosing a kilt to wear may not be easy for many, as there are numerous styles and designs are available. The hybrid kilt is a perfect choice for those who want to buy a kilt that is super comfortable at work and is eye-catching too.

Blue-yellow hybrid utility kilt has a properly stitched front apron that is in the blue color. It comes with two flap pockets on either side so that you can keep items in them while working. It also features leather straps for adjustment. The pleats and the pockets are in yellow color. Black buttons are attached to the pockets to make it even more attractive for customers.

Camo Box Pleated Kilt:

Perfect to be worn at hiking trails, work and even at the battlefield camo box pleated kilt is made from high-quality cotton fabric. It is perfect for those who want a tactical kilt that is comfortable to wear and looks stunning. It has a camouflage pattern on the side pleats, which give it an elegant look. At Scottish Kilt Collection, it is available in khaki color with camo print on sides to provide you with a military feel. It features D-ring straps and removable pockets to store stuff.

Fashion tactical hybrid kilt:

It is a perfect combination of leather and cotton that gives it a perfect look for tough guys. Fashion tactical hybrid kilt features side pockets for storage. Also, there are straps on the sides that give it an attractive look. The front apron is made of leather to give it a classic look.

Hybrid utility kilts for women:

Women also wear kilts, and it is the trend that is growing popular with each passing year. You might have seen girls wearing kilts as uniforms in schools. Ladies can wear kilts even as day o day wear and at work as well. Choosing a kilt can be difficult for women too, so, hybrid utility kilt makes a choice easier for them.

It comes with pockets for storage so that you can store stuff. Hybrid utility kilts are comfortable to wear all day long. You can complement your look by wearing some accessories with the kilt. At Scottish Kilt Collection, we have a huge variety of fantastic highland dresses for so don’t forget to check it out.

Hybrid utility kilts for sales:

You are stuck with so many choices? Don’t worry; we are here to take you out from trouble of choosing a kilt. Hybrid utility kilt has the features of both utility and tartan kilts. These look stunning and are comfortable to wear. No matter you are wearing it as day to day attire, at hiking trails, camping, or work, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Each of these kilts is made from the highest quality materials. Each kilt is made to measure so that your choice can fit you perfectly.

We have a huge collection of kilts available in different designs and styles. Now the choice is all yours! Visit Scottishkiltcollection.com and browse our pages to find a perfect kilt for you. The prices are affordable, and the quality is impressive. Pick your kilt, provide measurements, and leave the rest to us. You can ask for any kind of customization too.

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  • Bear Pride Elite Utility Style...

    5.00 out of 5

    Bear Pride Elite Utility Style Hybrid Kilt For Men

    First Step:
    Waist: Measure along with belly button around, pulling the gut in slightly
    Second Step:
    Hips: Measure around buttocks nat widest part buttocks
    Third Step:
    Lenght: Get Someone to help With this. Kneel down, thighs vertical.

  • Black Detachable Pockets Kilt ...

    5.00 out of 5

    Black Detachable Pockets Kilt Scottish Utility Kilts

    Looking for a kilt that can stand up to whatever comes your way? Modern Kilt Outfit Utility is made of 100% cotton jeans and decorated with apron buttons, d-rings, hooks, chains, and pockets that all make it very attractive and workable for hard work, fashion, sports, and hiking.


    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Utility
    Type: Sports/Fashion/Hiking
    Fastening: Buttons
    Side Pockets: Flapped with Buttons
    Decorated: D-Rings/Clips/Chains
    Hardware: Antique
    Size: Made to Order

  • Black Hybrid Kilt With Orange ...

    0 out of 5

    Black Hybrid Kilt With Orange Pleats Scottish Kilts

    Black Hybrid Kilt Men is a unique design for those who love black clothing and you can wear it as street fashion, party events, or sports events. The construction of this kilt is crazy to wear differently and look different. Men Hybrid Kilt Black comes with the adjustable option with strong and real leather straps.


    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Jeans
    Style: Hybrid
    Type: Sports/Fashion/Pary Event
    Pleats: Orange
    Fastening: Straps with Buttons
    Straps: Black Leather
    Side Pockets: Flapped with Buttons
    Hardware: Select
    Size: Made to Order

  • Blue Hybrid Kilt with Intercha...

    4.50 out of 5
  • Blue Yellow Hybrid Utility Kil...

    5.00 out of 5
  • Breton / Cornish Black Kilt

    0 out of 5

    + Quality 5 yard kilt, with a regular 62cm (24″) drop, and deeply pleated traditionally to sett.
    + Made from 13oz acrylic woven tartan cloth, designed to hang, look and feel just like wool.
    + Two leather straps to fasten Kilt; Straps allow kilt to give or take roughly 10cm (4″) either way on the stated size.
    + Finished with exterior belt loops and a 100% polyester blend waist interior lining.
    + Ideal for wearing on casual days in the countryside, family gatherings, festivals, sports events, or simply fashion wear.

  • Brown Kilt With Buchanan Tarta...

    0 out of 5

    Brown Kilt With Buchanan Tartan Pleats Utility Kilts

    Brown Hybrid Kilt is made of 100% cotton jeans in brown color with Buchanan tartan pleats. This Hybrid Kilt Brown comes flapped in both side pockets. This Custom Hybrid Kilt Brown comes with both side flapped pockets with button fastening. The fastening of this kilt comes with black leather straps with black buttons.


    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Hybrid
    Type: Sports/Fashion/Hiking
    Pleats: Buchanan Tartan
    Fastening: Buttons
    Side Pockets: Both side Detachable
    Decorated: D-Rings/Hooks/Pleats
    Hardware: Select Any One

  • Camo Box Pleated Kilt

    4.67 out of 5
  • Carhartt Work kilt

    0 out of 5

    Carhartt Work kilt

    Carhartt Work kilt is made of 100% cotton with front and side pockets for all types of workman. It comes with reinforced front pockets, side pockets, back pockets, and metal buttons. This Black Work Kilt comes in black color with white threading and white pockets.

    Material: Cotton and Polyester
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Work Wear
    Type: Scottish/Highland
    Front Pockets: Flapped with Buttons
    Side Pocket: Flapped with Buttons
    Buttons: Brass
    Fastening: Buttons
    Adjustability: No
    Size: Made to Order
    Complete Customize Kilt:
    Scottish Kilt Collection is the Ultimate Scottish Clothing and Accessories Shop that offer an Extensive Range of High-Quality Custom Made Outfits. We offer the ultimate customization in creating your very own Kilt. We customized Kilt exclusively tailored for you. Just complete the above options to complete customization of your kilt, and receive a state-of-the-art Kilt that is fit for you.

  • Conquest Traditional Black Blu...

    4.50 out of 5
  • Deluxe Hybrid Kilt

    4.50 out of 5
  • Fashion Hybrid Scottish Kilt K...

    0 out of 5