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    Scottish Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket With Waistcoat


    Thistle Insignia on all buttons
    Fully lined with Satin
    Two Internal pockets
    Two pockets waistcoat
    The waistcoat is also fully lined and has 3 matching thistle button

    Measuring Guide

    Note: When ordering please keep this in mind. Measure your chest circumference with a tape measure and order the size that corresponds to your chest size, not the size you commonly buy off the rack. Please Order up one size for more room in the shoulders or tummy.


    Short, Regular, Long are Arm Length Only.

  • Scottish Sheriffmuir Doub...

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    Scottish Sheriffmuir Doublet Kilt Jacket with Vest

    Need to rock a kilt? What form of Sheriffmuir is best to place on with it? Will sheriffmuir Kilt jacket go along with the highland get dressed? It’s miles pretty hard to navigate the arena of kilt jackets as there are numerous types of doublets and jackets that may be worn with the highland get dressed.

    However, the fashion of a jacket to wear relies upon the formality of the event. you can’t put on a sports jacket with a kilt on formal activities which incorporates highland video games or weddings. Scottish Kilt jackets cannot be worn with trousers or pants. you can only be placed on them with a kilt.

    Are you seeking out a stunning opportunity for the conventional prince charlie style jacket, then not anything is higher than sheriffmuir doublet. it’s miles constituted of Serge Wool material and has a mandarin collar with hastes that hangs down around the bottom. it is worn closed on the neck and opens at the lowest.

    Sheriffmuir doublet jacket is the natural depiction of the traditional style apparel and is worn usually with an excessive waistcoat, a jabot, or cravat.

    If you have determined to wear a doubleton a few formal occasions, then take into account that the formal varieties of doublets appearance excellent with a cravat or jabot. but, the law doublet appears splendid with a bow tie. so, make certain you do the proper type of styling on every occasion you wear a doublet.

    Product Specifications:

    Sheriffmuir Doublet Jacket is without a doubt a traditional piece of night time put on that is generally worn on very formal events. It comes with 2 inches collar and thistle buttons on each side of the jacket. Also, it comes with a 5 button vest. There are ten vibrant silver buttons at the front which are also used for fastening. Sheriffmuir doublet functions traditional sleeves, and there are three thistle buttons on the cuffs.

    Product Features

    Material: 100% Wool
    Fabric: Blazer Wool
    Style: Sherrifmuir
    Type: Scottish/Highland
    Lining: Satin
    Buttons: Lion Rampant/Chrome
    Front Buttons: 10
    Epaulets: Braided with Button
    Cuffs Style: Decorated with Laces & Buttons
    Skirt Flaps: Decorated with Laces & Buttons
    Pockets: 2 Inside
    Vest Buttons: 5
    Pockets: 2 Outside
    Back: Satin with Waist Adjusting Belt
    Size: Made to Order

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