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  • Lyre Harp 7 String Musica...

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    $500.00 $399.99

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    The solid Lyre Harp Rosewood body lends itself to the soft gentle curves of this eight string lyre. The eight metal strings provide a classical sound that is enhanced by the lacewood soundboard. When you are not playing, you can hang it up as a piece of art; it’s that pretty. Tuning tool is included. Hold it upright on your lap or as you walk, and pluck both sides of the strings. Or lay it flat and pluck it. 10 inches wide by 17 inches long, 2.75 inches deep. There are a few suggestions for tuning.

    An authentic tuning derived from Judaic worship music, where the instrument was used to accompany the singing of the Chazzan, also known as a Cantor. This style of tuning uses the Chazzanut mode.

    Starting with the bass (largest strings) tune as follows: E F G# A B C D E (Ahava Raba mode)

    In the early Middle Ages in Eastern Europe, the secularization of the Jewish worship music gave rise to Klezmer music. Jewish troubadours, known as klezmorim gave the music a place in weddings and other simkhes (joyful events). The Klezmer music eventually blended with Slavonic, Greek, Turkish, Gypsy and even American jazz tempos and rhythms. For Klezmer music try the Misheberakh mode which is: E F# G A# B C# D E

    Two alternative tunings that work well with singers comfortable sing in the Key of G are (again bass to treble): E F# G A B C D E (Natural minor) and D E F# G A B C D (E is tonic). Notice, in the second tuning, all the notes are the same but you’re starting on D rather than E. Includes tuning tool.


    $350.00 $300.00
  • Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipe

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    Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipe

    Genuine rosewood with a black finish. It comes up with imitation ivory projecting mounts, plastic mouthpiece, and as well as alloy ferrules and ring caps with silver finish. Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipe is 100% handmade. Mackenzie Tartan is used in making this bagpipe cover. High-Quality Pipes with Professional sound quality 1 set of synthetic drone reeds and 2 sets of the cane chanter reeds.

    • Material: Genuine Rosewood
    • Finish: Black
    • Cover: Mackenzie Tartan
    • Ring Caps, Ferrules: Alloy with Silver Finish
    • Projecting Mounts: Imitation Ivory
    • Mouthpiece: Plastic
    • Cords: Highland
    • Style: Music Instrument
    • Type: Professional
    • Synthetic Drone Reeds: 1 Set
    • Can Chanter Reeds: 2 Set
    $150.00 $130.00
  • Mackenzie tartan Kilt

    4.50 out of 5
    $60.00 $50.00
  • Mackenzie Tartan Short Ki...

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    Mackenzie Tartan Short Kilt Features

    • Acrylic Wool
    • Mackenzie Tartan
    • Leather Straps & Metal Buckles
    • Comfortable & Durable
    $80.00 $60.00
  • MacLeod of Lewis Tartan ...

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    MacLeod of Lewis  Tartan Kilt

    • Features
      • 12 Oz of Acrylic Wool (100% Wool on Request)
      • Leather Straps for perfect adjustment
      • Inside Cotton Lining for preventing rashes
      • Non-Finished Edges to make it look Traditional
    $80.00 $60.00
  • Macleod of Lewis Tartan K...

    4.75 out of 5
    $65.00 $55.00
  • Magic Canto Circle Leathe...

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    $300.00 $250.00
  • Magnetic Boldness Carhart...

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    $100.00 $80.00
  • Magnificent Ambitions Str...

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    $350.00 $300.00
  • MASON Masonic Evening Wea...

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    $300.00 $250.00
  • MASON Masonic Eveningwear...

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    $300.00 $250.00