Kilts For Women; Who Says A Girl Can’t Rock A Kilt?

A kilt is a national dress of Scotland, and the Scottish men wear them proudly. It is a symbol of honor and freedom for the Scottish people. It is a garment that represents their clan. But when it comes to kilt wearing people are of the belief that the kilts only look flattering on men’s body.

So, does that mean the women can’t wear a kilt and show off their love for Scottish culture? Well, that’s not true. The Scottish kilt has evolved over the years and landed into the world of women fashion as well. Women can also wear kilts to show off the style and pride, just like their male counterparts.

History of Kilts for Women:

Kilts are considered a manly dress, but in the 18th-century, women also started wearing kilts. As a matter of fact, the women wanted to claim their place in representing the rich culture of their country through this fabulous dress. With their efforts, the time came when women started wearing kilts during Scottish highland dance performances. Now women can wear kilts for both everyday uses and work as well. At Scottish Kilt Collection you will find a wide range of kilts for women. Pick your color and wear a kilt proudly.

Types of kilts for Women:

Women also wear the kilts to look fabulous and show off their Scottish culture. Even non-Scottish girls can also wear a kilt, but you should know what type of kilt you need before placing an order. Below are given the types of kilts available for women:

  • Utility kilts:

A utility kilt is the modern day concept of a traditional kilt. Utility kilts are made for both men and women, and they are perfect for everyday wear or work. These kilts are made of pure cotton so that it can last long. Utility kilts for women feature pockets so that you can carry stuffy while working. Browse our pages and get the finest quality utility kilts for women.

  • Tartan kilts:

If you want to go for a more traditional Scottish kilt, then tartan kilts are a perfect choice. You can purchase a tartan kilt from Scottish kilt Collection. We have a wide range of tartan kilts available in different colors and styles. You can pick a color of your choice for the crisscrossed horizontal and vertical patterns on the kilt.

  • Leather kilts:

Leather is the material that only looks great if it is 100% genuine. It can be worn in many ways and on many occasions. Want to look bold and classy? Then a leather kilt is a right choice. What can be cooler than wearing a traditional garment with a modern touch? Take proper care of your leather kilt so that it can last for years. At Scottish Kilt Collection leather, kilts are available in various colors. Pick one and make you distinct from others at an event.

  • Camo kilts:

Camo kilts are designed specifically to fit women’s body. Camouflage kilts were originally used by the hunters. But if a girl wants to wear a kilt with the military camo print, then camo kilts are there. It is a great garment for army lovers and those who love to go on adventures.  Looking for a perfect sized camo kilt to wear at an outdoor trip then check it out on Scottish Kilt Collection.

How to find the best kilt for women?

Just like men, women also have to wear a kilt with respect and pride. It is a sacred garment for the people of Scotland and a symbol of their identity so, take it seriously. You are not supposed to wear a kilt that is of the wrong size. Make sure you know what your size is before purchasing a kilt.

Whenever you decide to wear a kilt, make sure you know why you are wearing it. Do you want to show off your Scottish culture? Or you are wearing it just to look great? Whatever the reason is you should wear it with respect.

Before buying a kilt, you should check the following things so that you do not end up buying a low-quality kilt:

  • Choose the right size:

First of all, take your measurements. You do not know your kilt size then how can you buy the right fit for you. Kilts only look good when they are of your size. There is no point in wearing too big or too small kilts.

  • Choose the high quality:

Quality kilts are expensive, very expensive. Never trust a person who says he will get you a kilt at a cheap rate. Now you may be thinking what is wrong in it? Well, a high-quality kilt always looks great. You will not get that look with a cheap quality kilt.

  • Choose the right seller:

There are numerous kilt sellers out there claiming to provide high-quality kilts. But never trust any of them. Only buy from a reputable seller who never compromises on quality. Though quality kilts are expensive, it does not mean they can rob you.


Being an important part of the Scottish culture, the kilts have succeeded to survive even in the 21st century. People who want to wear a kilt at a formal occasion can choose a tradition or tartan kilt. But the deliberate changes have been made in kilts with the passage of time keeping the modern trends in mind.

Now you can wear a kilt on any occasion according to your choice. No matter it is the wedding of your Scottish friend or a sports event, you can wear a kilt. There are various styles to wear a kilt for women. They can wear them with accessories as well if you want to look even more stylish.

Make sure that the kilt is secured tightly around the waist. According to the rule, the women should have buckles on the left, but you can wear it according to your style and choice as well.

Initially, Scottish kilts originally considered as a dressing for men, but now women consider them as apparel as well. We have a large variety of women kilts for sale that are stylish, feminine and convenient at the same time. Our women utility kilts are just made for the ladies and can be wear casually or for work even. The essential feature of the ladies kilts is that they keep you comfortable and cool while performing your day to day chores. The kitts for the women are available with all the necessary accessories. We can proudly say that why only men can wear kilts? From the wide range of colors and patterns, these kilts are measured to perfectly fit you, so it is your time to realize that kilts are not something that is just for men only.

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