• Solid Black Tartan kilt

    5.00 out of 5

    Solid Black Tartan kilt


    Material: Acrylic Wool 13oz

    Kilt Length: 24″ regular drop

    Pleats: Tartan Cloth length is 8 yards with box pleats

    Fringed apron along with 3 metal buckles and leather straps

  • Tara Murphy Tartan Kilt

    5.00 out of 5

    Tara Murphy Tartan Kilt

    The Tara Murphy Tartan Kilt is a stylish, bright and eye-catching kilt that can be worn in either day or nighttime settings with formal or informal clothing. This kilt features a prominent, bright green color as its main backdrop. Atop the green are thick red lines that cross both vertically and horizontally. Thinner red and black lines also cross in this same manner. On the side is gentle pleating that gives the kilt greater texture and depth. There is a hook on either side of the kilt that will allow you to attach the sporran of your choice. The kilts are entirely made to measure, allowing you to choose your own waist size, hip size, kilt length and more.

  • Tartan Box Pleated

    4.00 out of 5
  • Thompson Camel Tartan Kilt

    0 out of 5

    Thompson Camel Tartan Kilt

    • Traditional Tartan, Pleated to Stripe.
    • Quality, Lighter Weight Acrylic Fabric.
    • Three Buckle Design
    • Standard 24″ Length.
    • Order based on your ACTUAL waist measurement, not your jean size.
    • See the Measuring guide in the FAQ.
  • Traditional Brown Watch Tartan...

    5.00 out of 5

    0 out of 5


    Utility Kilt Women made of 100% cotton in olive green color with side flapped pockets with button fastening. This olive green kilt for women has chrome buttons, chains, d-rings, and black leather straps with button fastening. This Women Utility Kilt has a perfect combination of modern and classic design. You can wear this kilt at party events and in a street fashion.

    Material: 100% Cotton
    Fabric: Drill Jeans
    Style: Utility
    Type: Fashion/Gothic
    Color: Olive Green
    Fastening: Buttons
    Straps: Black Leather
    Hardware: Select Any One
    Size: Made to Order
    Scottish Clothing and Accessories Shop that offer an Extensive Range of High-Quality Custom Made Outfits. We offer the ultimate customization in creating your very own Kilt. We customized Kilt exclusively tailored for you. Just complete the above options to complete customization of your kilt, and receive a state-of-the-art Kilt that is fit for you.

  • Wallace Hunting Tartan Kilt

    4.29 out of 5
  • Wallace Tartan Kilt

    4.38 out of 5
  • Wallace Tartan Kilt For Men

    0 out of 5

    Wallace Tartan Kilt For Men


    5 Yards of soft, Warm 13 oz.

    The Kilt’s Inner lining protects quality and ensures comfort.
    Machine Washable Kilts.
    The Kilts has a Pleated back and is Flat across the front.
    80% Acrylic & 20% Wool.
    3 adjustable Leather straps allowing 2 Inches of Adjustment.
    Kilts length 24″ for all the sizes.
    Cotton lining provides extra comfort.
    16 oz to 24 oz Weight of the kilts depending on the size.
    Casual Kilts Can be used for both formal & informal occasion.

  • Weathered Tartan Kilt

    4.25 out of 5