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  • Argyle Five Buttons Vest

    5.00 out of 5
    $100.00 $80.00
  • Argyle Jacket Black Barathea

    4.50 out of 5
    $200.00 $150.00
  • Argyle kilt Jacket & Wais...

    0 out of 5
    $200.00 $150.00
  • Argyle Tweed Jacket with Vest

    5.00 out of 5
    $200.00 $150.00
  • Argyll Jacket With Waist Coat ...

    5.00 out of 5
    $200.00 $150.00
  • Argyll Jacket With Waistcoat (...

    0 out of 5
    $200.00 $150.00
  • Banned Military Drummer Men Un...

    0 out of 5

    Banned Military Drummer Men Uniform Jacket Black

    • Gothic, Industrial, Steampunk
    • Uniform Jacket with the following features:
    • 100% Cotton
    • Fastening: Zip fly
    • Military Coat
    • Long Sleeve
    • Jacket || normal fit || Intense colour || Military Drummer
    $370.00 $300.00
  • Black Argyle Jacket With 5 But...

    4.67 out of 5
    $200.00 $150.00
  • Black Argyle Jacket Wool

    4.50 out of 5
    $150.00 $100.00
  • Black Argyll Jacket

    0 out of 5

    Black Argyll Jacket

    Our most versatile jacket, the Argyll is impossibly stylish. As the go-to kilt jacket for social occasions, it has both function and fashion covered. Normally worn with a semi-dress sporran to complement its informal style, it features silver buttons, flat epaulets, and a gauntlet cuff. Finish it off in style with the 5-button waistcoat (sold separately). Highland wear this good doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

    100% Wool
    Black Argyll Jacket only.
    Does not include kilt, waistcoat, or highland accessories.

    $250.00 $150.00

    0 out of 5



    Super cool ladies parade military jackets. Inspired by great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance.

    The jacket is made of cotton, has gold/silver/Black trimmings and buttons across the front and the shoulders. It is lightweight and great all year round and perfects for musicians to wear on stage

                                      SIZE INSTRUCTIONS 

    We need below 5 size’s Please Mention these sizes with your order or you can inbox it.
    1- Chest:

    Lift your arms and wrap the tape measure around your chest at the widest point. Put your arms down. Stand tall and at ease. Do not overinflate your chest. Just stand and breathe normally.  Measure loosely around the chest at underarm height while wearing a t-shirt.
    2- Waist:
    Measure loosely around your True Waist at your naval while dressed in a shirt.
    3- Shoulder to shoulder:
    Put on a well-fitting suit jacket. Keep your arms at your side. Measure from shoulder joint till the end where other shoulder body ends.
    4- Sleeve Length:

    Put on a well-fitting suit jacket. Keep your arms at your side. Measure from the shoulder seam (the top of the sleeve where it meets the jacket body) to the cuff. If you do not have a suit jacket, measure from the edge of the shoulder, down your arm to where you’d like the sleeve to end. Typically, jacket sleeves end 1.5″ to 2″ above the base knuckle of the thumb, breaking at the wrist or slightly lower. Roughly 1/4? to 1/2? of the shirt, sleeve should show below the cuff of the jacket.

    5- Back length:
    Stand straight and ask your partner to measure your body from the backside, it will be from the end of your collar till your waist point or where you want to wear it.

    $300.00 $250.00
  • Black Gold Hussar Parade Gothi...

    0 out of 5

    Black Gold Hussar Parade Gothic Jacket Military Drummer Steampunk

    Black body 100% cotton Hussar parade Gothic Military drummer steampunk Jacket with gold trim and braid on front and sleeve 51 gold color button on front.

    Available in different sizes.

    $300.00 $250.00